5 Steps To A Proper Study Session For Finals

As finals are approaching, many students have already started studying and some are waiting for the weekend before. The best way to endure Final's Week is to make a schedule and stick to a continuous study routine. This means you should start studying early and remain healthy throughout the week. Keeping a positive outlook while studying before and during finals week will allow for a more tranquil mindset as you embark for stress of finals.

1. Grab a Planner.

Write down all of the exams you have on the corresponding days in order to further plan out which exams you should study for first. The week before exams, write down your first two exams on Monday and your next two on Tuesday, etc. If you pace yourself and give yourself time to study for each respective exam (uninterrupted) at least two to three times during the week, you will be able to scale which courses you need to study more for on the weekend.

2. Set your schedule.

The key to not cramming during exams is timing out when you will study for each exam. Although it may seem anal, write down each hour of the day on your calendar and fill in all of the gaps starting with classes or your work schedule and filling in the rest of the gaps for studying and breaks. If you are studying for two exams throughout one day, study for one hour and take a fifteen-minute break in between each session until you have a grasp on the foundation of materials you will need to know for the final.

3. Make use of study guides.

Having all of the information you need to know for the exam in advance allows for a study session that focuses on learning the material instead of spending more time trying to find it. Making a handwritten study guide, a Quizlet, or a document will allow your brain to get used to one platform where the information is so when you take your final you can revert back to the exact document, colors, or flashcards you used.

4. Take a study break.

If you follow a productive schedule and study in advance, you can freely take study breaks without being too stressed out. Cramming for multiple hours at a time does not promote a calm environment and mental state when preparing for exams, therefore take it slow and ease your mind every once in a while with a break.

5.Keep nourished.

Keeping your body healthy before and during exams is vital for keeping your brain's capabilities up to par with all of the information you have to understand. Eating nutritious food groups and drinking a lot of water will keep your body and brain energized to brace for a stressful couple of weeks. Your body's health and energy level should be the least of your worries throughout finals.

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