Fighting Breaks Out Between Israel And Palestine

Fighting Breaks Out Between Israel And Palestine

As the U.S. opens its new embassy, angered Palestinians fight with the Israeli forces

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Following the opening of the American Embassy in Jerusalem, protests broke out in the Gaza Strip, protests which soon turned deadly. As many Palestinian protesters attempted stormed the Israeli border. Fighting broke out with the IDF -Israel's armed forces according to the government of Gaza. The result is that 58 Palestinians lost their lives and around 2,700 people were injured. This goes down as the deadliest day of violence since 2014, when a minor war broke out.

The violence stems from President Donald Trump's decision to move the US embassy to Jerusalem, which is now considered as Israel's capital city. The move angered many Palestinians who do not view Jerusalem as the capital of the Palestinian state. These are the people who interpreted the move for the American Embassy as the U.S. officially standing behind Israel, and against Palestine.

The fighting is dividing the international community; such as the United Nations and several other major power countries like the United Kingdom and Russia now announcing their stance following the United States taking the first step when the United States announced its support for Israel's right to self defense versus other country beliefs of Israel not having the rights to self defense. These actions are only a small portion of the numerous ones that have been occurring in recent weeks as preparations for the opening of the embassy began, and it is only expected to get worse and both sides will soon feel like they're the victim and they need to defend themselves.

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