15 'Milk and Honey' Poems Everyone Should Read
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15 'Milk and Honey' Poems Everyone Should Read

"You have to stop searching for why at some point you have to leave it alone."

15 'Milk and Honey' Poems Everyone Should Read

One of the most popular books online is called "Milk and Honey." This is a collection of poems written by Rupi Kaur that is split into four distinct sections; the hurting, the loving, the breaking, and the healing. This book explores Kaur's journey though heartbreak and the growth that will inevitably follow. Whether you are going through a heartbreak or just looking for some inspirational words, this book will not disappoint. Here are a few that stuck out the most to me when I read it:

Feeling everything deeply is better than feeling nothing at all.

Know your self worth and never let someone alter it even slightly.

They come back because they know you will still be there waiting for them.

Learn to let go of things that are no longer holding onto you.

Changing the negative aspects of your life into lessons and learning experiences is the first step towards self growth.

As much as you want to reach out to them, know it is best to move on and let it go.

If someone refuses to give one hundred percent for you, don't waste your time explaining to them why things didn't work.

Just because someone else is doing well does not mean you are doing poorly; not every aspect of life is a competition.

Listen to your parents, they know whats best for you, even if it does not seem like it at the time.

There are people that spend their whole life looking for their "soulmate", but the truth is no one knows the legitimacy of soulmates or if they even exist.

Everyone spends a different amount of time to let go of something that was once important to them. Take as long as you need but know you will be okay again one day.

It is okay to miss a person but make sure it does not consume your life.

Moving on is a bittersweet aspect of life, but it is something that is necessary to growing as a person.

Give yourself time to heal but know that eventually it will be time to let go.

As they say, hindsight is 20/20.

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