Fictional Or Not, Patrick Verona Will ALWAYS Be The Love Of My Life

Fictional Or Not, Patrick Verona Will ALWAYS Be The Love Of My Life

"It’s not every day you find a girl who’ll flash someone to get you out of detention." — Patrick Verona

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Inspired by Shakespeare himself (shout out to next semester's Shakespearean class, what's up?), "10 Things I Hate About You" has stolen so many hearts since its release in 1999. With a cast like Heath Ledger, Julia Stiles, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, how could this movie not exceed all expectations of a rom-com/drama teen film? Now, as for this article, I am going to explain to you just exactly why Patrick Verona is THE love of my life.

1. The smile. Good Lord, the smile.

Cause of death: this.

2. The hair. Can we talk about the hair?

It's THE perfect length. Jesus-like, if you will.

3. How can I forget the accent?

Heath was Australian, so you can just imagine how cute that accent was in this movie. Here's a gif of him speaking.

4. Bad boy vibes from HEAVEN.

SO much angst.

5. How he's a bad boy, but a soul full of gold when it comes to Kat.

This will forever be my weakness. No shame. Okay, well a little, but that's beside the point.

6. The paintball date. RIP ME.

He made relationship goals a trend, no doubt.

7. He started my love for plain black T-shirts on males.

I don't know what it is. Maybe it makes them seems more of a bad boy? If you know, let me know!

8. He bought Kat a frickin' guitar!

No to mention, it was the one she had been wanting for months and he bought it with his dirty, bet money. He even said that if he kept screwing up, he'd just buy her a whole band set. AW.

9. He never judged Kat for her poem and being vulnerable.

Wow, a bad boy who never judges anyone? ACONCEPT.

10. Persistence is key!

Mind you, this scene is after Kat has already turned him down.

11. "Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You". 'Nough said.

This is my lifelong dream. Y'all don't understand.

12. He took care of Kat when she was drunk.

We all need a Patrick Verona in our lives.

13. His sense of humor and his sarcasm are spot-on (enough to match mine and that's saying something!).

It will never not be attractive for someone to banter back and forth with me, so what I'm saying is that I wish my life was this movie.

14. That "little bit of green" in his eyes.

OK, so I know you cant really tell the green here, but this was his reaction when Kat told him that. Excuse me, while I cry.

15. When he encourages Cameron (AKA JGL) to go after Bianca/His words of wisdom.

Patrick really knows his stuff, even if he does try to be a hard head.

16. Does he ever get embarrassed? Nope. We all need to live like that.

A new outlook on life. Live enough where you are no longer embarrassed to say, or do, anything.

17. He got Kat's favorite band to play at their prom!

A girl can only dream!

18. His ability to initiate and maintain an intellectual and/or meaningful conversation with Kat.

Example A: boating date. Example B: when they talk about college.

19. He is beauty. He is grace. He is Patrick Verona.

That's all folks!

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