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11 Fictional Characters That Should 100% Give Guest Lectures At Our Real-Life Colleges

"Lord, beer me strength."

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Have you ever found yourself watching a show and you think, "How cool would it be if this character were actually a real person?" I feel like that happens to all of us, and it honestly would be pretty cool to meet some of them. It would be even cooler, though, if we got to meet them because they were giving a talk at our school.

You really never know how guest lectures are going to go.

1. Ross Geller

While he actually was a professor for a while, I'm sure his lecture would probably be accompanied by Rachel bursting in, making it all the more entertaining. Now, would the lecture be on dinosaurs or "The Holiday Armadillo?"

2. Sheldon Cooper

Can you just imagine Sheldon giving a lecture at freshman orientation about how to make friends in college?

3. Elle Woods

I could definitely go for Elle speaking at commencement or giving a talk about her career. Bruiser could come too!

4. Sherlock Holmes

"Sherlock Holmes: The Science of Deduction." Who wouldn't go to this?

5. Gob Bluth

I think we've found our next performer for Family Weekend.

6. "Prison Mike"

This is an obvious choice because we all need to learn how to protect ourselves against dementors.

7. Ryan Howard

Since didn't exactly work out for him, Ryan can probably be found speaking to college students both about creating start-up companies and the dangers of committing fraud as part of his community service.

8. Hermione Granger

Who better to give the freshmen an overview on every rule they may or may not ever need to know?

9. Bruce Banner

"Safety in Science: How to Not Accidentally Turn Into an 'Enormous Green Rage Monster' When Doing Research."

10. April Ludgate

If there isn't pizza at this lecture, I'm not going. Just kidding, of course. I'm definitely going, even if it's BYOP — Bring Your Own Pizza.

11. Leslie Knope

"Leslie Knope: Finding Inspiration Within Yourself"

I would be pretty excited if any of the actors came to my school, too, but that won't stop me from hoping for any of the above. For now, I think I can settle for the opportunities I have had through Miami University, like getting to meet Jodie Sweetin and Lemony Snicket (Daniel Handler).

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