Fiction On Odyssey: Redpunzel, The REAL Rapunzel Story

Fiction On Odyssey: Redpunzel, The REAL Rapunzel Story

A little twist on a familiar tale.


A story thought by Jennifer Nguyen, Lily Chao, Nicole Ma, and Riley Kallina.

We all know the story of the beautiful princess named Rapunzel, however, Disney left out one major detail. Here's the real story.

Once upon a time, there was an adorable child named Rapunzel. Rapunzel had ever-growing blonde hair that touched the floor by the age of five. Because of several mysterious murders occurring throughout the village, her parents kept her locked inside the house to keep her safe from the dangers of the world.

As time elapsed, the murders became more frequent and violent. One afternoon, her father left to fetch water by the well while Rapunzel and her mother stayed in the cabin. He came back to find his wife's bloody body, lifeless on the ground, and Rapunzel hiding in the closet covered in blood. Her father was deeply concerned for her sanity, for how can a girl this young face the death of her mother. Because of her apathetic attitude towards the incident, he sent Rapunzel off to live with an enchantress within a tower deep in the forest.

As she grew up, she found ways to entertain herself in this place of isolation such as singing, painting and brushing her hair. One day when Rapunzel was playing with her pet chameleon, the enchantress walked by and noticed something out of place.

Enchantress: "Rapunzel, what happened? Why has your ever so beautiful blonde hair turned red?"

Rapunzel: "Oh, don't worry, I was just trying out a new shade of red."

[Pascal, the chameleon, limps out into view]

Enchantress: "Rapunzel, darling, may I take a look at Pascal?"

Rapunzel reluctantly held him up for her to see, and to the enchantress' surprise he was missing a leg. She asked Rapunzel, "Who did this?" and Rapunzel calmly smiled and exclaimed, "I was just playing doctor with him." Angry at what Rapunzel had done, she came up with an idea: timeout in the closet. She grabbed the door handle, swung open the door only to be greeted by a strange, heavy object. She let out a scream and hit her head as she fell to the ground. Before she completely blacked out, she saw Rapunzel sitting on the ground watching her, smiling, not giving a care in the world.

One summer's day, a distant scream was heard by Prince Eugene, and he decided to discover the source. He was led towards a forest and continued to search. Finally, he began to hear a distant melody. The voice was so lovely Eugene forgot the scream he had once heard. Following the voice, he arrived upon an enormous tower. He called up to the tower,

Eugene: "My beautiful maiden, what is thy name?"

[Rapunzel abruptly stops singing and peeks out the window]

Eugene: "Your voice is as soft as silk and as rich as me."

Rapunzel: "My name is Rapunzel, and who might you be?"

Eugene: "I am Prince Eugene, and I had heard of a blonde-haired beauty living up in a tower, and I have come to rescue you."

Rapunzel: "I am not able to come down, but perhaps you could climb up here."

[Rapunzel lets down her crimson red hair and Eugene begins to climb up]

Eugene: "Rapunzel why is your hair so red and wet?"

Rapunzel: "Why do you have so many questions? I just dyed it red a few minutes ago don't worry about it."

[Eugene arrives at the top of the tower where he sees an open closet littered with bodies and the freshly killed body of the enchantress. He looks down at himself to see he is covered in blood, blood that came from Rapunzel's red hair. He realizes what is about to happen and he screams]


[Rapunzel laughs softly]

Rapunzel: "I've felt nothing….even when I killed my own mother"

[Rapunzel grabs her hair and twists it around the prince's neck, she pushes him out the window and he hangs there, just another dead body hanging from her window.]


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I will always love you, Akon.

Something happened today that I never thought in a million years would happen. I opened up a drawer at my parents' house and I found my pink, 4th generation iPod Nano. I had not seen this thing since I graduated from the 8th grade, and the headphones have not left my ears since I pulled it out of that drawer. It's funny to me how music can take you back. You listen to a song and suddenly you're wearing a pair of gauchos, sitting on the bleachers in a gym somewhere, avoiding boys at all cost at your seventh grade dance. So if you were around in 2007 and feel like reminiscing, here is a playlist straight from the iPod of a middle schooler in 2007.

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Movie Marathon Options For Your 'Galentine's Day' This Year

I'd rather be with my girls than on a fancy dinner, anyway.


We all know that, with Valentine's Day being on a Thursday this year, the day is going to become more of a Valentine's Weekend. This means from February 14th to that Sunday (and maybe a few extra days for those couples who cannot manage to meet up for the holiday), we will all be bombarded with candy hearts and artificially-dyed roses whether we want to be or not. For some of us, the weekend includes scrambling to find a romantic gift, trying to arrange dinner reservations, figuring out if your significant other prefers caramel or cherry chocolates. For me, on the other hand, I will be treating myself on my own, perhaps with my own decadent dessert that I won't have to share with anyone.

In my mind, this is an ideal scenario, but I will admit that it would be nice to have some company on the day to restrain myself from scrolling through my Instagram feed and seeing the myriad "relationship goals" posts. I figured the perfect plan would be to gather my fellow single friends together and binge watch some romantic films, either to make fun of the cheesy scenes or to live vicariously through the characters.

Whether it's with your friends or your beloved pets, there's nothing harmful about a genuine movie night where you can be thankful that you don't have to dress up in some fancy outfit for a pricey restaurant with small portions. Today, you can take solace in your sweatpants and a never-ending bag of popcorn.

1. The Twilight Series


This is the best option if you're looking for something that implements both romance and thrill. If you haven't watched the heart-wrenching scenes of "New Moon" or the excitement of "Breaking Dawn: Part One and Two," it's time to settle down and break out the tissues. Plus, there's nothing wrong with a little shirtless Taylor Lautner turning into a werewolf. Now you can see who your real friends are based on if Team Edward or Team Jacob.

2. Mamma Mia!


With a mixture of love, comedy, and catchy songs that will be stuck into your head for the rest of the month, you can never go wrong with Mamma Mia! This is the perfect movie to bring everyone together, as you and your friends rejoice in an off-key rendition of "Voulez-Vous" after you have all just finished crying during "Our Last Summer." And we can never forget the incredible voice of Cher during "Fernando."

3. Bridget Jones


When you want to revisit the innocence of the early 2000s, this compilation is the one to choose. You can watch the transition throughout the years, as Bridget begins by somehow having to choose between Colin Firth and Hugh Grant, to ending up pregnant by the third movie. All three movies provide at least a little eye candy, including Patrick Dempsey in the last film.

4. Pitch Perfect


So technically, this isn't all about love, but that might be a nice change if you're looking to just watch a few movies that are simply entertaining. However, this does still have the hint of romance you need for a fun get-together with some girlfriends. You can enjoy a hysterical movie while simultaneously listening to some killer a cappella renditions. Watch the girls grow throughout the years and marvel at the sweet sounds of Skylar Astin's voice.

5. Before Sunrise/Before Sunset/Before Midnight


This trilogy brings us back to a simpler time, with the first movie coming out in 1995. Taking place in Vienna, the story follows a love affair between an American man and a student returning from Paris. See their love progress throughout the sequels while admiring the beautiful scenery featured in the film. Even though you may not be able to experience Europe yourself this Valentines Day, buy yourself some fancy chocolates so you can feel like you're right with them.

Whether or not you're feeling lonely this holiday, hosting a movie night with some friends is the best way to de-stress and forget about that awful Tinder date you put yourself through last week. And if you'd prefer to spend the night alone in your room, as long as you have your own personal box of heart-shaped chocolates, the day can't be too bad.

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