Fiction on Odyssey: My Werewolf Story Ch.19
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Fiction on Odyssey: My Werewolf Story Ch. 19

Where things get hairy. Literally.

Fiction on Odyssey: My Werewolf Story Ch. 19

Shamara's POV

My head was pounding as I tried to sit up. I was stiff from laying on the ground for who knows how long. I leaned against the wall and looked at my surroundings. I was in a basement of some sort and stared at the man in front of me.

"Good morning, my child." I stayed quiet.

"You, my dear, have been very busy. It seems like my son has been defying me for quite a while." Valentine stated. He walked towards me and took my chin. He tilted my neck to the side and rubbed the steal healing bite from Matt.

"This can be fix so they can't track you." He smiled and took my hand. I knew not to pull away but I really wanted to. I grimaced as he helped me up from the floor. He was acting weirdly. He was being too nice and it was scaring me. I looked at him in question and tried to pull away from him. He laughed and pulled me to him. That was que enough to start struggling. I pushed at him and was only able to put a couple of inches between us. He grabbed my wrist and snapped something around it. I felt the burn seconds later. I barely caught the scream that was trying to come up. I whimpered instead. I didn't want to give him the satisfaction. I glared at him in hate. Then looked down at the silver bracelet he attached.

"That should hold until the announcement. Now move."

He pushed me toward the door. I went up the stairs and ran to the front door before he came up. The door was locked. Shit!

I felt him behind me. I put my head on the door and tried not to cry.

There was nothing I could do. But I can't give up not yet. I turned to him and gave him a careful look. He offered his hand to me and all I could do was accept it and follow him. He took me outside the small house to the crowd that was gathering. Valentine put his arm around my waist and got everyone's attention. They stared at me with hate and anger.

"Thank you for coming such a short time and under the circumstances it will be even more challenging to get back on track. As you all know, my son went behind my back and took his other siblings to the White-Water Pack." There was some boos and growls as Valentine continued. "We will begin the fight at dawn in two days' time. Please prepare everything before nightfall and get some sleep. It is time to get rid of the pests that are ruining our plans." He looked around the group and smiled. "I have another announcement before you continue your work. I have decided to choose a Luna." Everyone started cheering and howling. "Shh. Calm down." I was not liking this one bit. "As an Elder of the Werewolf community, I can pick any she-wolf even if she is already mated. Only Elders knew this and forgot to pass it along to their children. They believe it was barbaric." I knew exactly what he was saying. I started struggling and fighting my way out of his hold. The silver was blocking the strength that I had and the only way to call for help. Valentine restrained her and pulled the bracelet off.

Matt! Matt? Are you there?

Shamara! Where are you? Are you ok?

Valentine pulled her neck to the side and licked at Matt's bite. I shuddered and concentrated.

Matt, I'm sorry. I can't do anything to stop him. She wept.

I love you!

Shamara. Where are you?

Valentine boomed out his voice. "Now. Welcome your new Luna, Shamara Crowe."

"No!" I screamed out while struggling. Then he bit me. It was worse than Matt's. I screamed and then went numb.


I felt our link shatter and a new one reformed to the most disgusting mind. I went limp in his arms as he retracted his mouth. He picked me up and headed back inside.

"Get back to work!" He screamed. A tear fell from my eyes as the world went away.

Matt's POV

"Ok. Our inside guy said that they are planning to attack in two days. We need to call everyone we can. We don't have enough warriors to go against him." Jace said,

I nodded and looked at the map that showed the area that Valentine was planning the attack.

Matt! Matt? Are you there?

Shamara! Where are you? Are you ok?

"Guys. She is talking to me through link." He said to the others while looking around.

"Is she ok? Where is she?" Chloe asked.

Matt, I'm sorry. I can't do anything to stop him. I love you.

Shamara. Where are you?

I said in a panicky voice.

There was a burning on my neck where she bit me. I fell to my knees and scream from the pain. I felt like everything was pulling me apart. Then I felt something snap.


Tears were running down my face as I looked at Jace. "She's gone."

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