Fiction On Odyssey: My Werewolf Story Chapter 13
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Fiction On Odyssey: My Werewolf Story Chapter 13

Where things get hairy. Literally.

Fiction On Odyssey: My Werewolf Story Chapter 13

“Time flies by when you are trapped.” ~ Shamara

Shamara’s POV

I was following Salem upstairs to who knows where when his phone rang.

“What?” He answered. He got quiet and turned around to smile at me. “Good work. Make sure it stays that way.” He ended the call and started walking again. “So, it looks like your dear Matthew has gone through all his resources to find you.” He slowed down his pace to stand next to me. He put his arm around my shoulders and kissed my forehead. I tried to pull away in disgust but he pulled me in tighter.

“Every time you pull away I will make sure your friend is beaten senseless. Take this as your final warning. Do you understand, Shamara? I will not tolerate this behavior anymore.”

I nodded, “Yes, sir.” “Good. Now let’s go.”

“Um, I have one request, if you don’t mind, sir,” I said weakly.

“What is it?” We paused in the middle of the hallway.

I looked up at him while I said, “I was wondering if… if I could see Dawn.”

He looked at me in wonder. “We can go see her if you agree to stay in my room from now on. I don’t trust my father with you around. I didn’t miss the way he was looking at you.”

“I… agree to your terms,” I said defeated.

“I’ll take you to her. I made sure she was close so the others didn’t get any ideas.”

We walked a little further and he took out a key. He walked in with me behind him.

“Dawn!” I screamed as I ran toward her. She turned around with her hands crossed. I was stopped short of the leash being tugged.

“I said you could see her not go to her.” Salem grinned. “Now I am going to leave you two to talk. I’ll be back in an hour.” He connected me to a chain on the wall that made me kneel or I was going to strangle myself. He kissed my forehead and left. I grimaced and turned back to Dawn.

“Are you ok?” We asked at the same time. We giggled and then got serious. “I’m fine besides my pride. How about you?” Dawn said while scanning me for injury.

“I’m fine.” She was about to question me when I interrupted her, “I promise. I’m fine.”

“What happened to you?”

“What do you mean?”

“Your body changed. You look like you lost weight and came out as an amazon woman. And your neck is bruised.” I looked around the room and noticed it was well furnished except with a few additions of chains. Dawn was connected to one by her bed.

“I haven’t looked in the mirror lately and that bruise was a punishment.”

“What do you mean punishment?”

I explained all the events that happened since I woke up. It took about twenty minutes and knew I was running out of time.

“Marriage? He can’t marry you. You’re not his mate!”

“Well if I don’t, they threatened to torture and kill you.”

“We will get out of this. I promise. We just need to make a plan.”

I heard the lock click and knew my time was up. Salem came in and told me to stand after attaching the leash. I look back at Dawn and said my goodbyes. Salem took me to another room down the hall and pushed me.

“This is our room. Your clothes are already in the closet on the right. The bathroom is the door on left. Everything you need is already here. If you need anything else, let me know. Get ready for bed. We have a busy day tomorrow.” He said while taking off the collar. I rubbed where the collar burned me.

I went to the closet and found a pair of shorts and t-shirt. When I came back and saw Salem laying on the couch.

“You can have the bed if you want,” I said confused at his behavior.

“I’m fine just go to bed.” I didn’t argue and laid down. I fell asleep a few moments later and dreamed of Matt.


The next morning, I woke up alone and went to get a shower while I could. When I came back, breakfast was on the desk with Salem waiting patiently in the corner. He came towards me with a smirk and I backed up as he stalked me. He trapped me against the wall and looked at my half naked body. I only had a towel that went to my knees and the way he was staring was making me uncomfortable.

“You know I like seeing you like this. Maybe you should wear this every day.” He was looking at me like a meal.

“Um… sir. Can I get dressed.” I looked at the floor so he could see my emotions.

“Sure. I have the outfit already picked out. I’ll be taking a shower while you are getting ready.” He let me by while he went into the bathroom. I sighed and got ready. I gasped when I looked in the mirror. My body was curvier but without the baby fat. My face was more heart shaped and I hate to say it. My girls increase another cup. Damn. Is this what happens when you are a werewolf. I don’t know what is happening but I need to hurry before he comes back out. I had my makeup and hair done in record time. My pink summer dress was barely covering everything so I kept trying to pull it down. I gave up by the time Salem came out in a black t-shirt and blue jeans.

“You do know that it is about to be winter, right?” I said while pulling the dress down again.

“Yeah. But you’re not going outside any time soon.” We walked out the door and I noticed he didn’t put the collar back on.

“Where are we going?” I asked.

“We are going to see my father. He wants to talk to me about some pack business. I need you to be quiet unless he asks you a question.”

“Ok. I’ll be quiet.” I sighed.

He sat me down in one of the chairs in the meeting room. At least I don’t have to sit on the floor.

Valentine came in a few minutes later with a smile.

“Good morning, Shamara. How are you today?” He asked as he sat down next to me. I shivered when he touched my leg.

“I’m fine. Sir.” My voice shook a lit but he didn’t notice.

“What did you want to talk about Val.” Salem interrupted.

“I don’t know why you won’t call me dad or even father. It won’t hurt you know.”

Salem shrugged. “Anyways. I wanted to talk about…”

I ignored the conversation until my name was called.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t hear you.” Valentine’s hand squeezed my thigh until it felt like it was going to break. I whimpered and tried to pull away. His hand kept me where I was. I looked at him in anger. “Maybe this will teach you to pay attention for now on.”

“Yes, sir.” I squeaked out. He lessened the pressure and said, “You are to start training later today and you will come visit me in my office after your lessons.” He started to rub my thigh closer to an area no one should touch. My finger nails were digging into my hand. “We need to discuss some future actions.”

“Val, how about I come too. She is my future wife.”

“That won’t be necessary. Right, dear?” He said while pushing my dress a little higher until I had enough. I jumped up and slammed the chair back.

“Don’t you dare touch me again! You and your son both are sick. I won’t be doing anything with you, assholes.” I turned toward the door but in a flash, I was pushed against the wall and a hand on my neck. Valentine put his face near mine. His looks could kill. I haven’t been this scared since… I can’t think of it right now.

I winced when he held me tighter.

“Go get the girl, Salem!” Val screamed. Salem walked out. I shook my head and tried to plead.

“Please. Don’t…” He tightened his hold where I couldn’t speak.

I warned you. Do not defy me. You will watch while she dies. But first. I like a show.” He smiled and watched as Salem brought in a struggling Dawn.

Valentine threw me to the ground and walked to Salem.

“Restrain her and make her watch.” Salem pushed Dawn to her knees and hooked her to the wall with her back facing me. Salem grabbed me around the waist and sat me in his lap in one of the chairs. He handcuffed me with ease as I fought to get to Dawn. He pulled me to his chest and wrapped his arms where I couldn’t move. I could only watch what he was about to do.

Valentine went to a chest in the corner and grabbed a whip like an object. I struggled even harder when I saw it. I screamed at him even when Salem covered my mouth.

“The more you struggle the worst her punishment will be,” Salem whispered in my ear. I calmed down a bit until Valentine hit her. He laughed after every hit. I lost count after 30 lashes. My eyes were full of tears and I felt so helpless. I saw that Dawn was unconscious after he was done. Then he took out the gun and pointed at her. I shook my head until I could talk.

“Stop! Please. I’ll do anything! I’ll marry him, ok!” I cried.

“Val. I think she is trying to compromise with us.” Salem said while wiping some tears from my cheeks. But the tears kept coming.

Val put the gun down and walked to me. “What will you do to keep her alive?” He said softly.

“I…will do everything you say without a question or defiance. And I will marry Salem. If you let her go with no harm. I will stay with you. If you set her free.” I said in defeat.

“Deal. But she will be set loose without any supplies or help. Salem gets Mack to escort the girl off the property. Shamara will be in my room until I can trust her.”

“But, Val…”

“I didn’t stutter. Do not question me or you will be punished too. Go.”

Salem let me go and let Valentine take me. I looked back to Dawn before I was pulled out of the room and escorted to my new hell.

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