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Fiction On Odyssey: Dreams, Part 2

My heart raced. He was going to kill me. He was...going... Then everything goes black.

Fiction On Odyssey: Dreams, Part 2
Jamey Gorny

They say in your dreams you have everything in it was seen at on time or another. The mind can't make up a face or object without seeing it. So those nightmares that happen with those monsters you have seen at a point would end up meaning that 'thing', those people we're seen once in your lifetime. So maybe the boogeyman might still be under your bed... But what happens when your dreams become too real, too life like?

For part one, click here.

Dreams, Part 2

I jump up. My face is caked in sweat. "It was just a dream," I reassured myself. I start to rub the back of my neck to wipe of some of the sweat. Then my hand ran over the side of my neck to shoot pain on the left side of my body. I get up and head into the bathroom. Flipping on the light to see my reflection staring back at me. The mirror showed a burnt pattern that laid along my neck and onto my back. I threw off my tee shirt to see more of it. It was bleeding butterflies running down my neck to the bottom of my side.

I slowly brushed my hands along the burn. Crap! I silently screamed at myself. Aleovera. I grabbed it down and some peroxide. I let it poured down my neck. A cold burning sensation. What am I going to say when my parents see?

I threw back on my shirt and headed back into my room. That necklace was dangling there. It had an odd glow in the dark. I crawled back into the sheets and went back to bed with dreams of darkness.


That morning I got up and looked at those bleeding butterflies. It faded into a scar. I touched it. There was no pain. I couldn't stop thinking about how I got the scars. I changed clothes and started to head back into my room when I see her... She wore a black 1800s dress and a black bonnet to match. I could see some of her face. She had Brown hair and hazel eyes. "Annabelle?" I said walking closer. She got up and glanced at me. "It's coming..." She said and got up and headed to the door. "Wait what's coming?" She turned at the door. "The master. The master is coming tonight." And she took one more step and materialized into dust. The master?I walk into the kitchen with my heart racing and grabbed some cereal. "Morning!" Dad said. I jumped back. "Morning." It was going to be a long day.

The day went by slowly. I went and got dressed. I put on that stone for my dad. It lit up when I let it laid on my chest. This necklace is so eerie. I wore an off the shoulder black tee shirt and a pair of shorts that made my fat but look bigger. I applied my make up on and fixed my black and blue hair that went midway down my back.

Dad took me to the annual parade in town today. It was for the 250-year celebration of this town. This Place was a big city back in the day. There was a lot of killings even though this was an old military placement area. The parade was huge. Dad glanced at me and smiled. "Beautiful day isn't it?" I smiled, "Yea it is." The day went by as normal. Everything normal... as so I thought. The last parade float had a plaque that said 'In memory of the Burning girl' My heart dropped. Something wasn't right. There has never been this float. Ever... The girl had Black hair, round eyes that were black and a burnt nightgown... she was the girl in my dreams. "Are you okay Ana?" I swallowed. "Yea. Let go eat"

We went to the diner down the road it was 5 pm. The day just flew by after dinner. This I was alone in my room at 9 pm. The necklace hanging in its holder reflecting bright red light onto the ground.

I curled up into bed and drifted to sleep after a few hours.


I'm in that room again. I get up and run into the hallway. Picture frames fill the hallway like my home. The only difference is that the girl parents weren't mine the girl was me or was it. I pulled down a frame there was the girl in 1800 clothes and her parents both sternly standing behind her. They looked pained. I look down to see my clothes. I was wearing a blue 1800s dress with a Shaw. I quickly left to go to the main house when I see a male around 16 in the hall.

He looked at me. "Madam, may I help you?" He smirked. My heart raced. "Um, no, I was just looking at the pictures of Ana, She is a very beautiful girl," I said hanging up the frame. My palms are sweaty. He walked over and pointed at the picture, "She was a beautiful girl, but as beautiful as you. Luke Master. You are?" My heart stopped. Was he the master? He held out his hand. "Annabelle Smith." I put my hand into his. His silver eyes pierced into mine. "Nice to meet you, most people call me the Master. You can call me Luke," He smirked and kissed my hand. He didn't seem like a scary person, but then again from this morning, he seemed like a scary murderer.

"May I invite you to some tee?" he asked brushing his brown hair out of his face. I smiled. I need to stay on his good side. "I would love to." He smiled. I was afraid to know what was going on in his mind. He took my hand and took me out of the house where there were many people gathered for a formal party. "What century are you actually from? I know you are not from this area," he said pulling me into where he was hissing me into my ear. I jump back. "What do you mean? I don't know why I'm dreaming of this!" He grabbed me digging his nails into it drawling blood. "I will explain, but you have to follow me." His eyes looked sincere. I followed, after all, it was a dream...

He took me to this room. "Can you let go?" I asked almost in tears. It hurt sooo bad. He released. "Sorry..." he mumbled. I looked at my wrist it was blood-soaked. "Here," he tossed me a rag, "Put pressure onto it. The bleeding will stop." He sat down in a chair. I wrapped my arm into the brown rag. I took a seat in a brown chair. My heart slowed.

"I am the Master, " He started. I sat there. "Years ago I was Just Luke Master nothing of importance. I was your average joe, but things changed. A year ago that house you were in will be set in flames tonight again. everyday." I was dumbfounded. "Again?" "The curse of Ana. Ana is the little girl who got set ablaze in that fire. The curse kept us in a loop, as for the rest of the town days go on. It is a very complicated spell that only actually affects six people Ana the girl, Her mother, her two brothers, me and whoever has the necklace. For you, this is just a dream state you could say, but for us, we play our role day after wretched day. The state you are in gives everything you feel come to truth. For instance, the cut marks Inflicted onto you will be scars on you when you wake up. This is your never-ending hell since she marked you."

I couldn't sleep like this for the rest of my life! "How can the curse be reversed?" I yelled frantically. He halved grinned and simply walked over and leaned down and kissed my wrist. "Darling, you have to piece that on your own time. Good night." He placed a rag over my nose and mouth. My eyes widen while his face grinned with pleasure. I struggle to be free, but he overpowers me. My breath got shorter, my heart raced. He was going to kill me. He was...going... Then everything goes black.

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