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Fiction On Odyssey: Dreams, Part 1

I'm going to wake up. I need to...

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They say in your dreams you have everything in it was seen at on time or another. The mind can't make up a face or object without seeing it. So those nightmares that happen with those monsters you have seen at a point would end up meaning that 'thing', those people we're seen once in your lifetime. So maybe the boogeyman might still be under your bed... But what happens when your dreams become too real, to life like?

Dreams, Part 1

Not all ways are we aware of the world we live in, but sometimes it's better to not know so you can live your life in the day and night not afraid of seeing it. That is what I made up all those years ago when it happened. After that, it couldn't live without fear of being found.
~~60 years ago
Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to Annabelle. Happy birthday to you. I blew out the two candles that made up the number 16. I could see in the background a guy standing at the gate. In his tan hands, he had a bouquet of flowers. Mom walked over and took them.

"Annabelle come with me!" Mom yelled. I got up and followed them up the driveway past our 67 Chevy Impala. It was one of my favorite cars and still was to this day. Mom gently took her hand and slid it into mine giving it a gentle squeeze. I looked at her and gave her a half smile.

Finally, we got to the front of our home with the man. "Here you go," he said reassuringly. There I saw a blue box that was five feet tall and three feet wide. I ran over tearing the paper off until it was just a box of cardboard. Mom came over and helped lift the cap off the top.

Once side fell down and I peered inside of the box there stood my Dad in uniform. I jumped into his arms. "Dad!" I yelled. My eyes swelled. "Oh, my Annabelle!" He looked over and scooped my Mom into the hug, "My sweet Carolina!" We were all in a puddle of tears. It had been a year since I've seen my dad due to being deployed in the army. I knew he loved us. I missed him so much. We all did.

"How long are you staying here?" Mom asked. "I have till the end of August," he replied. This made me smile ear to ear. We walked into the backyard. The rest of the day was a blur. I opened the few presents. The first one was from dad. It was a necklace that looked like an old antique with the words 'I love you ana' laced onto it, then the other was an old jewelry box to match it. "I got it while on mission," dad said. I smiled."It's beautiful. Thank you, dad." My bestie Rebekah gave me some new ombre red hair dye and Mom got me some more band tees.

That night everything was so eerie. It was stall air for the second of August. I changed my clothes and slipped into pajamas. Then I turned off the light to crawl into bed. The necklace I got earlier by Dad shined into the darkness off my room. It glew a blue ray of light. I shrugged it off it had to be the way the moon shone onto it. I laid on top off the blanket with the fan blowing trying to fall asleep. Finally, sleep came.


It's dark. I am in a familiar room. My room. I get up and looked around my dresser and things are gone what was there was my bed and the necklace. Slowly I walked over and grabbed the necklace. Whoosh! I flipped around. "Hello? Anyone there?" I yell. I make my way into the hallway to see a little girl. She had black hair and a burnt old looking dress. I couldn't make out her face that was caked in dirt. "Help me find my mommy. She's in there," the little girl said pointing to the nonexistent room beside her. Something wasn't right. This was all to life like. She looked up and repeated herself."Help me find my mommy. She's in there." I walk closer. "What's your name sweetie?" I asked going over to comfort her. "I'm Annabelle. Help me find my mommy," she said walking away. I followed her. Anabelle? Why does she have the same name as me? Why were they in my empty house.

"Mommy!" Annabelle yelled running into the room on her right. I walk in the little girl is on the other side waiting. "Light a fire, sing a song, mudder the fallen and save the young." she chanted. When I got three feet in. Bang! the door was slammed shut. "Light a fire, sing a song, mudder the fallen and save the young." I ran to the door trying to open it. I turned around to see her eyes are now straight black. "Help! Help! Someone!" She then with her hand drew a circle on her hand while muttering different words. Fire suddenly came from the ground. I'm alone and I'm going to die. I could feel the heat. She kept tracing different lines onto her hand. "Sognatore . Cuore di miseria , condanna della maledizione di cui sopra questa notte disgraziata ." The flames licked out and she moved them to encircle me. My breath shortened. "Help!" All I could feel was every part of m body burning into the flames that grew. I could hear the building cracking. Bam! Crash! I can't move I'm trapped. The ceiling concave on my dying body I laid in. It was just a dream... I am going to wake up as normal. But nothing happened. My body was in so much agony. I'm going to wake up. I need to...

To be continued...

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