My fiance and I met on Bumble.

We texted for about a month before we ever went on our first date, but once we met in person, there was no looking back. It's crazy to think about the fact that we probably would have never crossed paths had it not been for us both choosing to download a dating app.

Some people, even my friends, said to me warnings like, "do you really think that you're going to meet a good person on one those?" I always thought to myself, "Well I'm on there, aren't I?" Even though I really didn't feel like what I was doing was wrong, I sometimes tried to hide that I was on dating apps. I just never knew how someone would react to it. I think it's incredibly important be extremely cautious when meeting people online. You really never know who you could be taking to. It's sounds weird, but you get used to doing the most to figure out who someone is.

I was always open with my family about being on Bumble, so when it was easy to tell them when I met Trent.

Off the bat, we didn't tell everyone we met on a dating app, for fear that people would question the legitimacy of our relationship. We knew of the stigma that these apps strictly for "hooking up." But I found someone who has helped me my best self, encourages my walk with God and loves me unconditionally by swiping left.

Eventually, we just decided to be open about it. We told everyone when they asked how we met.

Of course, there were some shocked responses. But the interesting thing was, the more we told people, the more we found out how many more couples met through Tinder, Bumble and even Instagram direct messages. People were so excited to tell us that's how they met, too. Mostly because they also had experienced the same judgmental comments and pressure to hide the start of their love story.

These days I don't think twice before I tell someone how Trent and I met.

I wouldn't change our story for the world. Truthfully, I know so many people who have met their partners on dating apps. And they're all incredible people. So before you judge your friend for being on a dating app, think about the wonderful person they are, and the fact that maybe, there's another person just as wonderful waiting to match with them.