Every First-Semester Goal I Have As An FGCU Freshman

During my first semester at FGCU, I have many goals for myself, academic and for my life in general.

This semester, I am taking 13 credit hours with my two hardest classes being biology and intermediate algebra. My specific academic goals for these two classes is to receive a B+ or higher as my final grades. I want to attend multiple tutoring sessions over the semester to be able to fully understand the concepts that I am learning in class.

I am also in biology lab and my goal for that class is to make sure I get an A+ because there is no midterm or final, therefore our semester grade is made up of all the labs we do in class.

For my other classes, the university transition and composition two, my goal is to receive an A- or higher as my final grade. I have to write four essays for composition over the semester and my specific goal for that is to get A's on the essays that I write so that I can have multiple types of essays on the general topic of adaptation and appropriation.

Lastly, my specific goal for the university transition class is to get the best take away from it that I can. I want to know where all my resources are on campus and be able to manage my time to the best of my ability and I believe this class will definitely help me with that.

My non-academic goals are more general goals for my life that I consider to be long term. My first goal is to start working out about three to four times a week as long as I have the time to do so. I've found that working out for at least thirty minutes a day really makes me feel a lot better overall and helps me get to bed earlier than I would if I hadn't worked out.

My next goal is to make healthy choices when it comes to food. I've found myself doing a lot of unhealthy snacking, therefore I want to try to cut that out entirely and just make healthier choices on a daily basis.

One goal that I have already achieved is to join FGCU's Programming Board on the Concert Committee. It's something I'm very passionate about and can't wait to work more in-depth on!

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