Ok folks. It's that time of year again—the end of the semester. Time to look back at the year, all the good and the bad moments. And in the midst of all the joy, you have to pack up your whole life in your dorm.


But you all are in luck! I have five tips for you that hopefully will make your move out a little bit smoother.

1. Start Early

We all get busy with studying and hanging out with friends. We keep telling ourselves that we will clean our room and our suite when we have time. Before we know it, it's an hour before we have to leave. Word to the wise, this never works out. Start early with cleaning because frankly cleaning sucks, and cleaning a whole semester worth of messy take a while.

2. Use Organizational Bins

We might all think we can fit all our stuff into the three backpacks we have in our room, but if you go and get the bigger plastic bins, it is a life saver. It is amazing how more organized you are and how you can fit a lot of stuff in them. You can thank me now. Or Later. Or Never. I don't care.

3. Bring Stuff Home Throughout the Semester

I understand that everyone cannot do this because you live far away from your college, but if you are able to bring stuff home gradually throughout the semester do it! It is kind of sad seeing your room empty, but moving a couple things out of your room will do wonders when you are stressed about moving out at the end of the semester.

4. Be Careful

In the speed of moving things, a lot of times you either lose something or break something you never wanted to break. So take your time! And you are able to take your time because you will start early cleaning......right??

5. Be Kind

Finally, please be kind to the people who are in charge of moving you out. The fact that you didn't start cleaning until about an hour before they came is not their fault it's yours. And the fact that you have your room clean when they come will be so refreshing for them!

Do you guys have any tips? Let me know!