So you weren't able to fly to a random desert in California, buy elaborate festival clothing or party with the A-list celebrities, but you did manage to catch the FOMO flu. Fear not, my dear friend, as Coachella seems to be less about the music and more about the clout these days. You missed nothing this time, but there is quite the possibility you could be missing out on other spectacular acts. Satiate your music craving with some festivals that actually care about their content, rather than their Instagram feed.

These are the nine music festivals you need to go to if you caught the festival-bug.

1. Lollapalooza

Lollapalooza Festival Lineup

2. CMA Fest

CMA Fest Lineup

3. Hangout Festival

Hangout Festival Lineup

4. Bottlerock Napa Valley

Bottlerock Napa Valley Lineup

5. Shaky Knees Music Festival

Shaky Knees Lineup

6. Boston Calling

Boston Calling Lineup

7. Bunburry Music Festival

Bunburry Music Festival