Feminism is one of the most controversial topics to bring up in today's society. Everyone has their opinions on the subject and a very good reason for having that opinion. Some people are traditional and believe that the man should be the head, while there are those that believe that no person is above another, and in that case, everyone should be equal. It is okay to fall into either of these cases, but it is NOT okay to judge someone who has a different opinion than you.

It is possible to not identify as a feminist, but understand what those who do are fighting for. I have read several articles where writers bash and criticize feminists while stating reasons why they would rather not be one. This is wrong in every way because everyone knows that some of the freedom that women enjoy right now are from feminists who refused to be submissive. These are women who viewed themselves better than the world did. They believe should be viewed and decided not to be compelled into being small enough to be controlled by another gender on what to do with their life.

Being a feminist means you value yourself and want the best for yourself regardless of what any system says.

If you believe feminism is just about women going about ranting about how "scum" men are or how women go around drawing female genitalia on walls and walkways, this is NOT true. Feminism is about women who know what they are worth and try hard to show that that worth is good enough to be at the forefront. Feminism is about women who know their value and believe that they deserve to enjoy the same rights as men. They know that they do not have to suffer and break their back to show their worth. This is why women are feminists.

I see a lot of people looking down on that word "feminist" like it is the worst possible thing on Earth, but it isn't. These are people who saw their worth and decide that they were more of value than what others dictated that they were. So, if you see or know anyone that identifies as a feminist, look at them with respect rather than condescension, they are fighting for something good.