Feminism thinks and acts in ways that contradict each other. Since feminism is a movement of female groupthink or group identity, there is no reason to consider one more voice that is not female. It is already assumed I do not know the first thing about women or their issues, and I agree.

As a man, I will not experience sexual objectification or be on the receiving end of predatory stalking the same way women do. I can only know "first blood" in the context of an action movie starring Sylvester Stallone. I cannot compare constipation or a hit in the family jewels to childbirth. There is no way for a man to walk a mile in a woman's stiletto heels like she does, but being a woman is far from understanding them.

What I do understand is that feminism has become a poor excuse for women to disagree with men, that is, it is reverse sexism against men. The only time a woman agrees with a man is if the same man agrees with the woman. Powerful reassurance is conveniently placed in front of a male mirror for female falsehoods to be reflected. Feminists say they are not a "girls only" club, that they are all about male inclusion, but that is only true when it is convenient.

A woman says she wants to pay for her own dinner, but come evening, she claims chivalry is dead. A woman complains that a job is not done a certain way. She stands in the way of the incapable man, only to say to him, "You started it, you finish it," acquiescing with her own words that came before he even got started: "I can do it better."

Petty arguments over sex and patriarchy, hierarchy and power struggles, all for what end? To assert that females belong to the dominant sex? That men are rendered purposeless without women?

The problem with feminist thinking is that it does not think in terms of individuality. Feminists play the role of the radical rebel, with their slogan tees and short-braided, sometimes flamboyant, dyed hair, raising awareness and giving credence to not just the women they march with but to all nondescript women. As if these women could not speak and think for themselves already. Even to call a woman a woman implies a different meaning if it is coming from a man's mouth instead of a woman's.

Feminists are also keen on defying every label, all except their own which is somehow not a label. A woman is a woman and a man is a man, but what is even more a common truth is that a human is a human. Why limit your existence to your biological makeup? An even better question: why limit your logic and reasoning to your reproductive role?

There is nothing wrong with being a feminist if it means being a woman with equal opportunity and the ability to discern without having to refer to her own sex (unless it is a matter of sexism). There is something wrong with feminism being toxic, the assumed right to everything a woman thinks of and does based on their sex and their sex alone.

Bette Davis says it best: "The real female should be partly male and the real male should be partly female."

It does not matter what sex you are or what sexual identity you have, all of which is still valid. These conditions, however, are intrinsically individual until they are commercialized into a group, a cause for celebrating the fact you are not alone in being different and unique. Sex is never an excuse to assert dominance over others, never individually, within matriarchy or patriarchy, or in any form of hierarchy.

It is involuntary activism that burdens and conditions the individual unknowingly to favor and support the group he or she is becoming. Feminism feeds on the feminine and it is only natural (and unnatural) that a woman forgoes being a woman to become a feminist.

Burn off the bandwagon. Me Too, Believe Women, all these associations and movements bring justice to the women who need it, but also gives women who do not need it the powerful hypocritical excuse of frontier justice. Lip service has become service.

A feminist should not have to be an activist to be a woman. A woman should not have to create conniving and emotional falsehoods for convenience and self-interest out of feminism.

If you cannot think for yourself, if you cannot act individually, if you cannot face reality without fantasy or you cannot help but think your fantasies are your reality, the group will think and has already thought for you.

Identity politics and politics as a whole has more choices now than it did during the proverbial age of "join or die." However we choose, one thing is certain. The group chosen is the group that censors us from other groups. Do not censor yourself and do not forget to discern your choices, right and wrong.