The stereotype of a feminist is very well known: super masculine, man hating, lesbian women who want all men to suffer the way females have. While there are some of those people out there, it is definitely not accurate to label them as feminist. A feminist, in all actuality, fights for the rights of women so that they can be equal to men in all ways. We want equal pay for equal work, just as much as we want a women to go away to jail for the same amount of time as a man would who committed the exact same crime.

The women, more commonly referred to as feminist, are more accurately described as “Feminazis.” Just like the name implies, these women are every bit as man hating as society has been led to believe, and are giving feminists a bad name. What many people don’t realize is that men can be feminists, too. Being a feminist means you respect the rights of everyone. You aren’t out to rule over men, you aren’t out calling rape every time a man speaks to you and you definitely aren’t out forcing other women to have or not have sex to prove a point. Yes, we want respect for the female body, but we aren’t trying to make men believe it is to be more respected than their own bodies.

Feminism isn’t as confusing as people would have you think and it isn’t trying to point out a problem that really doesn’t exist. It is about fairness and equality for all genders. So to all my fellow feminist, go out a spread the word. Inform people about what feminism is all about, because a lot of people are being misinformed, and we are getting misrepresented. To all the non feminists or anti-feminists: really think hard about why. Is it because you don’t agree with our personal agenda or because a radical feminist pushed you away? Our voices are all always stronger together. And lastly, to people who don’t know what side of the spectrum they are on, I challenge you to go read about this and make up your own mind. Think you can do that?