Feminism isn't about anything other than the ideology of women being treated equally to men in the presence of politics, economics, and social justice. If you don't believe women should have the equity that feminism fights for, then fine you definitely hate feminism.

Typically people bash feminism because of things like nudity, sexual expression, "Man-Hating", or claiming they just want to be a wife! The reality is none of those things remain in the core values of what feminism is or believes in. Feminism is huge on choice, giving women the equal right to choose how they live life, just as men have.

What this means is that if you're a very promiscuous person and want to display yourself in a sexual and empowering way, feminism says "You go!" but the same response goes for women who chose to be more reserved regarding their sexuality. This is where the idea of no slut-shaming in feminism comes into play. Women, like men, should be able to dress how they want without fear of being shamed for showing too much or too little skin. In the same token, nudity is sometimes associated with feminism because of movements such as "Free the nipple" which is less about nudity and more about reversing the sexualization of women's body.

The most common dismissal of feminism seems to stay consistent with "I don't hate men, I'm not a feminist!!!!!". This is silly to me because though feminists get frustrated with the misogynistic group of men that exist, they don't hate the entire gender. A lot of feminists actually have boyfriends, how shocking! Actually, it's not shocking at all and shouldn't be. By definition, a feminist is someone who believes in social, economic, and political rights of women to be equal to that of a man. Someone wanting to be equal to another doesn't mean they hate the other person. When I slice a pie and you ask for an equal slice, does that mean you want mine too? Or a bigger slice? Of course not, don't be silly!

Considering all of the above information, literally, anyone is allowed to be a feminist. This includes people who are married, mothers, sisters, brothers, etc. You can still be a fantastic wife and believe that women should be treated equally to men. Your boyfriend or husband can still romance you without it threatening your feminist ideals. All feminists want is to not be treated like less than their partner, her husband.

You can also hold any job you feel fits in your life the best, people often say they don't believe in feminism because they don't work in male-dominated fields so they feel when referencing the patriarchy that, that includes them. The patriarchy is just a system and society in favor of men which is something female feminists are trying to change in order to gain equality between the men in their lives. This means that when there's a promotion and you work harder than your male co-worker you can still have a shot at it!

To those who still are against feminists, remember that all the women who fought for our right in the workforce and our rights to vote were feminists. Without feminists, we wouldn't have a lot of things that we have now, it's just something you might want to keep in mind.

Anyone who believes these things are rights that women deserve is a feminist. no matter your gender, occupation, relationship status, or sexuality feminism still means the same thing.