The tweet that set me off.

As I'm scrolling through Twitter, one anti-Trump tweet really stuck out to me so I decided to watch the clip of his speech and see if the guy really is dumb enough to say such a thing.

Typically, I am impartial to politics and really try to just keep my head down because I don't particularly enjoy arguing with idiots, but I could not hold my tongue against this idiot.

Men only care about feminism and women's right when it gets them attention. Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, there are men really out here saying ANYTHING to make you all give them retweets and likes when their facts are based off absolutely nothing. So let's take a closer look at my case in point here.

Said tweet, at the time, I discovered it was at 27k retweets and 106k likes. It makes me so mad that such bullsh*t gets passed along so far, and this is our biggest problem of society.

You all do NOT hesitate to agree and retweet when what this man said was so far off from what Trump actually said. Now, if you had actually paid any attention and set aside your biases and presumptions about Trump, then you would have heard what he was actually speaking about.

Everyone put your political views to the side, shut up and listen. I'm serious. I do not give a crap what your political stance is, but you for damn sure better not stand for lies about female struggles to be spread around by someone like Mark on Twitter. Let me break down what Trump actually says in the clip, and if you'd like to watch for yourself the video has been linked here.

Speaking in reference to the Mexican citizens attempting to seek asylum from Mexico's most southern border are being sent on their journey with "massive amounts of birth control."

He goes on to discuss how their mothers assume their daughters are going to be assaulted on their journey to the border and in defense, send their daughters with plenty of birth control to keep them from becoming impregnated through an excruciating and devastating experience I wish no one would ever have to endure. Let's recap.

Women, traveling over 2,000 miles bring birth control with them on the extremely dangerous journey of seeking asylum.

Trump, points out this heartbreaking circumstance, I'm sure in an effort to emphasize the dangers of trying to come to America.

This Mark guy probably doesn't even watch this clip but determines the president is making an idiotic statement because Mark himself doesn't even know why these women need lots of birth control.

Mark's ignorance has gained attention and clout and he probably feels really good about himself maybe even smart like he has a general idea of what he's talking about.

He doesn't.

Or maybe, he just has selective hearing. And didn't catch the 2,000 miles of traveling part. Or maybe he isn't aware of the dangerous living situations in Mexico. MAYBE, he only just learned what birth control is because his buddy told him it makes you "more not pregnant".

Bottom line, Mark sent this tweet out into the world without knowing a DAMN THING about what he was saying, and you all just sat here and hyped it up like it came out the Bible itself. Despicable. The fact that women can stand by while men say whatever they want whenever they want with no good intention besides gaining followers and we eat it up like it's an actual social change in favor of women. If you actually listened or watched the clip, why on earth would you retweet? Because any lie will do against someone like Trump? I guess so.

If you really care about women, feminism, and women's rights then open your damn eyes. Pay attention. Check your facts. Stop listening to any old dude on Twitter just because what he said was against Trump.

Girls, we are SMARTER than this.