7 Badass Female Characters in 2019/20 Films
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7 Badass Female Characters in 2019/20 Films

2019-2020 brought some iconic female lead films

7 Badass Female Characters in 2019/20 Films

There has been a problem with female representation in films in the past and lately it's been getting better. Here are 7 recent films that have female leads and are amazing, badass films. P.S. there might be spoilers on some of these.

Grace Le Domas (Ready or Not)


The fact that Grace survived a murder game of hide and seek all in a wedding dress... is badass in itself. It's a house full of people against just her and she still kicks ass. I'm not much of a horror movie person but this one was worth the watch because of the badass main character. Grace Le Domas became a badass aesthetic with this movie.

Anna (Anna)


Anna has that beautiful killer aesthetic to her. She seems delicate and pretty but she is deadly. Anna becomes one of the most feared assassins and deals with both the Russians and the Americans. Some of the action sequences she does in the film is badass and unique which makes sense because that is director Luc Besson's style.

Haley Keller (Crawl)


A hurricane hits and drags in gigantic Alligator's from an Alligator farm and now Haley has to both rescue her father and herself. She relies on her swimming techniques and her ability to fight. Haley is a badass survivor in this movie that is filled with suspense and gore. This movie will keep you at the edge of your seat and watch in awe as Haley takes on a bunch of huge alligators.

Stephanie Patrick (The Rhythm Section)


Stephanie is someone who spirals after experiencing the loss of her entire family. After she finds out it wasn't an accident she plans revenge to punish everyone responsible for her families death by joining a former CIA agent. Stephanie's character shows the work one has to go through to learn how to fight and become who she is. It also shows the effect of tragedy. Stephanie is a badass character who isn't perfect and has been through a lot.

Women of Hustlers


Hustlers is filled with badass female characters so it is hard to pick one. This ends with tragedy but in the beginning it is a badass film about a group of women making shady money to create better lives for themselves. Ramona is unapologetic badass and Destiny is a sweetheart who will do whatever she can for those she loves. Annabelle and Mercedes add to their group and are equally as badass.

Women of Birds of Prey


Birds of Prey is another film with multiple badass characters. The infamous Harley Quinn, Huntress, Black Canary, Renee and Cassandra. They all have interesting stories and are all unique. Each character is so badass and it created one of the best comic book movies. Each role was chosen perfectly.

Women of Charlie's Angels


Lastly, Charlie's Angels had great action sequences, comedy and badass women. Sabina, Elena, Jane and Bosley are badass female characters that young girls can look up to. The cast was chosen perfectly and everyone brought something to the movie because each character is unique.

2019 and 2020 are good years for some iconic female lead films and we are hoping for more in the future. We are suckers for that great female representation in movies. Stay badass ladies.

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