Sure, I May Be A Female, But I'm Also Pro-Life

Sure, I May Be A Female, But I'm Also Pro-Life

One simple statement changed my entire perspective on abortions.


Pro-life and pro-choice advocates both have been arguing over abortion for years. Pro-life advocates believe that every fetus deserves the right to be born and a mother should not be able to take away that right. On the other hand, pro-choice advocates believe that it is not anyone else's business what a woman does with her body and that she should be allowed to make her own choices for her and her baby.

This argument may seem black and white, but most people like myself, are stuck somewhere between the two groups. The people stuck in the middle typically are torn because they feel that nobody should have a say in what a woman does with her body, but they also believe that fetuses have a right to have a chance at life.

Personally, I recently changed my stand on abortions. I have always been in the middle, but I used to be slightly more pro-choice until I read a simple yet convincing argument by someone on Twitter. Their statement read, "I am pro-life because, even though my birth mother didn't want me and left me at a fire station, I am still glad to have been born." This tweet spoke strongly to me and eventually became the reason I changed my position on abortions. As someone with a birth defect that many parents would've thought about aborting, I too am glad that my parents decided to give me a chance at life.

I completely understand that birth control is not 100% effective, but look around at your friends, neighbors, and family and think how different everyone's life would be if just one person had decided to get an abortion. If you happen to get pregnant at a bad time, there are resources to help you, and you will never be alone. I believe that the only exceptions that should be made for abortions are if the mom or baby's life is in danger because of the pregnancy, or if the child is a result of a rape.

I agree with pro-choice advocates that nobody should get to decide what a woman does with her own body. But if you truly believe in that argument, then a woman should not get to make a decision for her baby.

Everyone deserves a chance to have their own life. Imagine how many scientists, musicians, artists, and so many other people never got the chance to find a passion because they were aborted.

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