The law of attraction, while many may connect it to the idea of karma, it's actually much different. While karma is more "what goes around comes around," the law of attraction is the ability of one to bring a certain intention into their life by simply focusing on it. It is the ability to translate our thoughts into a reality, and essentially help us achieve our dreams. When I first began to learn about the idea of manifestation and the law of attraction I honestly did not believe any of it. I thought to myself that if they actually worked I would have everything that I wanted already, I wouldn't have to put any work into it, I was essentially waiting for instant gratification from something that doesn't provide it.

The process of manifestation can take longer depending on what exactly you're trying to bring into your life. Manifestation entails setting your intention and then working towards achieving it. The term "working" in this case can be interpreted broadly, the effort that is put into this achievement can be through meditation, the sharing of your goal, the creation of a "dream board," or using positive affirmations to stay motivated.

By incorporating the practice of manifestation into my life, I feel more control of my future. I know that by setting an intention and keeping it on my mind throughout my day that eventually it will manifest into a reality. Setting intentions for manifestation keeps you motivated, by setting your mind to goals you think you will actually be able to achieve, you are more likely to remain on the path of motivation. Manifestation makes you feel more in control because through the process you are able to bring your dreams into reality, which essentially gives you more control over your future.

While you might think it is stupid, mindset is everything with the law of attraction. Remaining positive and motivated will help you achieve your goal. For example, if one wanted to make more money, you would set your mind to it and then wake up each day with a positive state of mind to go to work and achieve just that, make more money. While it's easy to get into a negative mindset when feeling defeated during your journey to your goals, remaining positive is key. Mindset is key in the law of attraction and remaining positive will help you stay motivated.