If you sat me down and told me I'm lucky, I would believe you. I am lucky. I am in the 48th percentile. I don't base my luck on that, though. I am also a survivor of a brain tumor. I am a survivor of seizures. I am a survivor of a school shooting. I am a survivor of life.

I am lucky.

I felt lucky a few weeks ago when my test was actually in two days. I woke up in a panic because I remembered we had a test this week, but I couldn't remember what day. I ran into the Disability Services and asked if I had a test scheduled. I did not. I ran to my class, sweating, and asked a classmate if we had a test. "No," they said. "It's on Thursday."

I felt lucky last week when I barely missed being hit by a car. I was walking on the sidewalk five minutes before a car went racing down the street and popped the curb. I could've been right there when it happened. I don't know if my body would go into a fight or flight mode, but I can only hope it would.

I felt lucky three years ago when I was asked to lead junior high students. I surely didn't think I was qualified, but I have loved every moment of it. I have loved the hard stuff and the stuff that makes us dance! I still feel lucky about it. Someone saw potential in me to lead a group at camp and still saw potential in me to lead a small group during the school year. I'm lucky.

I felt lucky when I had to leave places and people I love. It hurt because I loved it all so much. I knew at that moment, I was lucky to have what I had. I was lucky to have people who poured into me at all times. I'll never stop thanking them for that.

I felt lucky when I got the last of my favorite cookie dough at the store. Sure, there was probably some in the back, but I didn't have to ask and I loved that! I felt lucky when I also went to the ice cream aisle and my all time favorite ice cream was still there. It's the little things.

My most recent "felt lucky" moment was sitting with friends. We talked about our plans for the future. Even though that is incredibly scary, it's good. We poured our dreams out on the table for the hundredth time. We encouraged each other in those dreams. I am beyond lucky to have friends who believe in my crazy dreams. Honestly, sometimes, I don't. I'm lucky.

I can only hope you feel a little bit of luck in your life. Whether it is something small and simple or grand. I hope you know life has treasures every day. We need to start seeing those treasures. Whether it is the sound of birds chirping again or talking to your favorite person, I hope you have a moment of luck and treasure in your everyday life.