Sometimes I feel like I'm behind in life. Like I should be at this point in a relationship with this person and have our future plans all mapped out, you know where we would be living and how many kids we want to have. But I have realized that's not how life works and I need to slow my roll when it comes to thinking about my future and how it should pan out in my little brain. It is funny to even think about what my brain has stored inside, but boy are these thoughts really ready to burst like crazy!

I recently re-watched "The Ugly Truth" with Katherine Heigl. The whole movie she was trying to check all of these boxes off with who she thought she was falling for, Collin. But then she realized that once she allowed herself to just breathe that the right guy would come along to be there with her by her side, through thick and thin.

The funny thing is, she didn't even know that Mr. Right was standing right in front of her the whole entire time and she didn't even seem to notice one little bit (isn't that crazy town?). But I did learn from this romantic comedy movie and in life is that Mr. or Ms. Right exists for each and every one of us in this society whether we realize it or not. God has hand-picked someone super special for us to be with us in life, we just don't know who that someone special is yet. That's the mystery we all so curious to know about right?

I think that in life, we want to have everything planned out to at and we just get so focused on checking off boxes. I myself am guilty of doing this a lot, even though I shouldn't. I know that I should life and love happen as it should. I shouldn't worry about looks or a timeline of when things should happen.

I need to just let life happen and let the chips fall where they may. Cheers to going with the flow always and forever. I'm off to drink some wine and treat myself to a peel-off face mask from Target (yes it's legit y'all and I'm not ashamed one little bit)!