My Five Favorite Songs by my All-Time Favorite Band
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My 5 Favorite Songs by my All-Time Favorite Band

Honestly, if you can't jam to at least two of these, we can't be friends.

My 5 Favorite Songs by my All-Time Favorite Band
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On August 4, 2018, I had the privilege of meeting my favorite band ever, Forever in your Mind, and stand front row during their concert. I cried, laughed with them, got some amazing hugs, and took cute ass pictures. The boys, named Liam, Ricky, and Emery (left to right in the cover photo), are super sweet and have amazing voices. I recently found out that they are on a break right now, and have been listening to their music non-stop. I decided to help all of you discover some great music and share my top five favorite songs by them. Read this, go listen to them on Spotify, and then listen to them again.


When I say that I could listen to this song on repeat for hours, I mean it. Not only is the beat fantastic, but their voices blend so well together and create, at least what I like to call, the waves of the hurricane (Pun intended). Look it up, listen to it, and love it.

Night Ride

This song just had a great vibe to it and, like always, their voices sound perfect together. Also, I wish I could go on a ride with them late into the night, so I'm just vicariously living out my dream through the song.


"Smooth" is one of the boys' more laid back songs, and the background noise is amazing. While the lyrics are okay, I care more about the music behind it. 10/10 would recommend.

Enough About Me

Like I said in the beginning, these songs are in no particular order of favoritism. However, if I had to pick a top one, it would be "Enough About Me." Everything from the beat to the lyrics to their voices and even the music video is amazing. This song is always at the top of any playlist of mine, and it should be on yours too.


To end this list, I chose a song that I have a personal tie to. When I met Forever in Your Mind, I stood center right in the front row, meaning I was between Emery and Liam. During the chorus of the song, Emery made eye contact with me and held my hand for part of it, then we talked about it after the concert. In addition, the lyrics to the song are beautiful.

So now that you have read my favorite songs by them, go onto Spotify and pick your favorite songs by them! If you do ever get the chance to meet Ricky, Emery, and Liam, be kind and tell them how great they are because they're pretty freaking awesome.

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