Life was so much easier as a child. We didn't have a care in the world. We were free to do what we wanted and only faced minor consequences. Life was simpler back then and we didn't have to worry about loan debt, credit card bills, insurance bills, buying our own clothes and necessities, etc. So, here are forty things I miss from being a little kid.

1. Blowing bubbles

2. Drawing with sidewalk chalk

3. Spending all day playing outside

4. Catching butterflies

5. Building a blanket and pillow fort

6. Jumping into leaf piles

7. Trick-or-treating

8. Playing at playgrounds

9. Going into ball pits

10. Sliding down the steps in a laundry basket

11. Getting to play with the huge parachute in gym class

12. Splurging on a Build-A-Bear

13. Recess

14. Catching fireflies

15. Taking Amoxicillin (pink medicine) when you were sick

16. Having a lemonade stand

17. Jumping on trampolines

18. Diving into foam pits

19. Water balloon fights

20. Riding in shopping carts

21. Pillow fights

22. Sitting on Santa's lap

23. Having a designated time for napping

24. Getting piggy back rides

25. Finger painting

26. Smashing your face into your birthday cake

27. Eating meals with your hands

28. Throwing food at your sibling

29. Crawling in bed with your parents

30. Eating meals with your hands

31. Carelessly singing in public

32. Touching everything in sight at a store

33. Staying home from school when you're sick

34. Wearing clothes that don't match and not caring

35. Not caring what other people think about you

36. Cooling off with slip-n-slides

37. Stickers and pretzels at the doctor's office

38. Lollipops at banks

39. Tooth fairy money

40. Riding on trains at malls

41. Wearing fun band-aids

42. Getting to be a line leader

43. Word searches for homework

44. Birthday treats and class parties

45. Gold stars for doing something well