What Your Favorite Library Says About You: UF Edition

What Your Favorite Library Says About You: UF Edition

There are 6 George A. Smathers libraries, one Law and one heath. But the real debate is between West and Marston.


The University of Florida has more libraries than most people realize. Truthfully, most students never even make it to all of them during their time at UF. There are a few Norman lovers out there and of course, the law students like to be classy and use the big Law lib, but the fight is usually between Library West and Marston Science Library. The argument is ongoing through UF students and you are either a Marston person or a West person. The big factor in each library is that they each attract a certain type of person. Find out what's going on at your favorite library:

1. Library West

This library is HUGE. Its close to the business school, close to mid and close to the standard. This library is perfect to meet up with your fraternity and order and pizza and maybe open up your book if you really have the time. Some do end up finding the time... but they also find themselves at fats a few hours later (with sweats and backpack on)

2. Marston Science Library

Marston is a little more serious, but it truly depends on what floor. It's in the heart of campus, so it's hard to casually walk there from home if you live at the Standard of Social 28. It's more of a walk. Thus, this is the library that is being used between classes, after classes and to actually get work done. However, when all your friends meet you in the basement.... it does make studying a lot more enjoyable!

3. Library East

There's a library East?

4. Architecture and Fine Arts Library

This is one of those that people don't know exists unless they are a fine arts student. Unlike Marston, which is a science library, there are all types of students there.

5. Education Library

AKA norman hall. AKA some education majors, but mostly all sorority girls or the students living on sorority row....

6. Health Science Center Libraries

This is a special spot for all of our nurses, docs and future dentists out there. We may even see a few vets. But trust me.. you won't see the normal crowd.

7. Lawton Chiles Legal Information Center (Law Library)

This is THE quietest place you will ever walk in to. You can hear your stomach growl, the clicking of your pen and the sound of your neighbor's heart beating. This is the library that says "Hey I'm in grad school." "My roommates are so immature, I need peace and quiet." There is no reason somewhere should ever be THIS quiet.

8. Newell Hall

Okay, I know what you're thinking. This is not a real library. However, it's open more than most of the libraries are and its definitely the unofficial library for the J school.

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