My Favorite and LEAST Favorite Thing About College

My Favorite and LEAST Favorite Thing About College

It is liberating yet lonely

This article was inspired by two MapWorks survey questions for my university and these following questions were on there:

What is your favorite part about college?

What is your least favorite part about college?

What is my favorite part about college?

My favorite part about college is all of the independence that I have. The freedom to do whatever my young heart desires. I can make or break rules, I can make bad decisions if I am up to it, and I have no boundaries to stop me from what I want to do.

I am not like that, I usually follow the rules, I study, I put in my time, being in college is like being in the doorway to adulthood, I don’t want to break down the door and ruin it, I have a whole house to explore. I have always been independent, even at a young age, I know how money works and I am not going to waste my money by doing bad things or buying unnecessary items. I want to better myself because it is my freedom to choose what I want to do. I have the choice to screw things up, I have the choice to better my life, and my independence lets me choose.

What is my least favorite part about college?

My least favorite part about college is the intense loneliness that I suffer. I am not saying that I am entirely lonely, I do have friends (back home), I have made friends (the people who forced me to talk to them, they are pretty cool and I love them), but I still feel lonely. I am from Pennsylvania (PA) whilst living in Wisconsin (WI), the people I am friends with here at UWW go home almost every weekend because they live a maximum of three hours away. I am stuck here in my empty dorm, in the empty residence hall on the empty campus. My feelings with being lonely merge with my feelings of missing my family in Pennsylvania and my hometown.

Homesick- adjective-sad or depressed from a longing for home or family while away from them for a long time.

Homesickness is a real thing and it definitely factors in my sense of loneliness, it hurts emotionally and physically, and that is why it is my least favorite part of college.

Everyone’s favorite thing and least favorite thing about college are different for everyone. When I was told to answer these questions for the MapWorks Survey it really caused me to think “What IS my favorite AND least favorite thing about college??” I have talked to my college friends about these questions, my friends have definitely agreed to my least favorite thing about college. Typical things that I have heard talking to people for college:

Favorite: Parties; making friends; classes; leaving home; independence

Least favorite: Homesickness; loneliness; classes; professors; bad roommates; assignments

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25 Things About Me

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Since my birthday is on Sunday, I decided to write an article all about me!

1. I love to cook for my husband. Actually, I like to cook period. I even have my on cooking blog titled "If You Want To Eat You Have To Cook". My favorite thing to make is anything with noodles because I love Asian food.

(buzz feed)

2. I have a degree in Communications with a concentration in Public Relations.

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3. My favorite food to eat while I am out and about is sushi.


4. Cats are my favorite animal.


5. My favorite thing to drink is a margarita.


6. My favorite season is summer.

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7. I love making treats for my husband, such as cakes and love notes.

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8. My favorite artist is Lady Gaga.


9. My favorite movie genre is a crime drama, such as Lifetime Movies.

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10. I love wrapping presents for other people.


11. My favorite outfit is a long summer dress.


12. My favorite color is pink.


13. My most prized possession are my engagement and wedding rings.


14. I love taking black and white pictures.


15. My favorite dessert is coconut or red velvet cake.

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16. I love my parents and husband.


17. One of my guilty pleasures is binge watching the Bachelor and Bachelorette.


18. My favorite show on TV right now is Nashville.


19. I love to watch Disney movies.

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20. I love cooking with my husband.

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21. My favorite meal is steaks and gnocchi.


22. I love bingewatching TV shows on Netflix.

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23. I love taking road trips on the weekend with my husband.


24. I love getting things done early, and hate procrastination.


25. I love myself and I love being me.

(yahoo images)

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6 Signs You're Experiencing The Infamous Sophomore Slump

Stress goes up, excitement goes down.

As the end of my sophomore year in college is now in sight, I've begun to take a look back on this year and how utterly strange it has been. I've recently found a term that perfectly describes everything I've felt from this year in just two words: Sophomore Slump. This term has been coined to describe a,

"Period of developmental confusion where students may face difficulties in academic, social, and personal development. In addition, after the novelties of college social life have worn off, nothing seems quite as special."

I've definitely experienced this feeling this year, and although I find myself still enjoying college, the stresses have seemed to increase while the excitement has simultaneously worn off. If you're suffering through the Sophomore Slump as well, you might be able to relate to these tell-tale signs.

1. You went from going out every weekend to adopting a sleep schedule similar to your grandparents.

Freshman year, every weekend was full of constant opportunities for parties. You waited your whole life for the true college experience, and last year you went a little too hard. Now, you're making up for it by spending your weekends reading, sleeping and most importantly, binging the latest Netflix original special.

2. Frat parties are yesterday’s news.

I still remember the excitement leading up to frat parties during my freshman year, especially for tailgates. Now, if I ever even do go out, I prefer a house party with people I actually enjoy being around.

3. You begin questioning whether your major is right for you…and is it too late now?

Is my major the right one for me? I'm already too far in! I can't back out now! Sophomore year is basically a giant ball of stress and quarter-life crises.

4. You enjoy feeling more like an adult, but you miss the innocence of being a freshman.

As a freshman, you were still naive to adult life, and while that had its own problems, sometimes you miss being the new kid on campus with a whole world of opportunities ahead of you.

5. Somehow, if it’s even possible, your procrastination has gotten even worse.

If you thought last year was bad...

6. And you still find yourself in a constant state of denial.

It's fine, I'm fine, everything's fine.

Cover Image Credit: Every Pixel

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