Your Favorite Clothing Brands: What You Don't Know
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Your Favorite Clothing Brands: What You Don't Know

We wear these brands every day, but how much do we really know about these companies?

Your Favorite Clothing Brands: What You Don't Know

Here are some interesting facts about some of our favorite clothing brands. Maybe you can use some of this to impress a frat guy or srat girl... You're welcome. 

Founders of Vineyard Vines, brothers Shep and Ian Murray, were in bands and recorded albums when they were younger.

Banana Republic was originally founded to make safari-themed clothing.    

Ray Ferguson started Costa del Mar by providing NASA with a pair of specially designed sunglasses. The glasses were such a hit that NASA later endorsed them. So, if you wear Costas, you might as well be as cool as an astronaut.    

Inspiration for Southern Tide came while founder Allen Stephenson was in Italy, studying abroad. He presented his clothing styles and business model to his introductory business class at the University of South Carolina.  His professor was so impressed that he asked him what he was doing in an introductory business class. Stephenson soon-after dropped out of college and started researching the construction of polo shirts from around the world, ultimately creating the Southern Tide Skipjack Polo.    

The Ralph Lauren clothing line was all started by the creation of a tie.

Patagonia commits 1 percent of their total sales or 10 percent of their profit, whichever is more, to various environmental groups. Since 1985, Patagonia has donated $46 million to domestic and international grassroots environmental groups.    

Lululemon's first real store opened in Vancouver, British Columbia called Kitsilano in November of 2000. The store was created to sell lululemon products, as well as to create a hub for people to discuss the health benefits of yoga, running, and cycling.    

Lily and Laura bracelets are handmade by women in Nepal. Working in the comfort of their own homes, no bracelets are exactly alike. The company pays their Nepali workers more than standard fair trade wages.   

Founders of Southern Proper, Emilie Claire Howard and Reagan Hardy Howell, met at Brenau Women’s College through their sorority, Alpha Chi Omega.   

Our very own First Lady, Jackie Kennedy, brought the inspiration for Jack Rogers sandals back from the isle of Capri, Italy in the 1960s. Here we have yet another reason to adore Jackie.   

Brooks Brothers is the country’s oldest clothing retailer. Their first store was opened in 1818 in New York City. They were a major provider of Union uniforms during the American Civil War, and also made Abraham Lincoln a coat with a embroider of an eagle with the words “One Country, One Destiny.” Lincoln wore this coat during his second inaugural address and also, sadly, when he was assassinated just two weeks later.             

Theodore Roosevelt also wore a Brooks Brothers suite during the charge up San Juan Hill. Brooks Brothers is truly an American icon.     

Guy Harvey’s sketches are largely inspired by his love for marine life, as well as Ernest Hemingway’s novel “The Old Man and the Sea.” 

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