My Favorite Band Is Getting Back Together

My Favorite Band Is Getting Back Together

Y'all... It's happening. My favorite back is getting back together and I cannot stay calm!

If you don't know me already, I have been obsessed with Country music for as long as I can remember, and with that obviously comes your favorite singers and bands.

Well my favorite country band has been on separate paths for what it seems like entirety, but it’s only really been about the last 6 years. It has been torture, as you could imagine but I understand their desire to do their own thing since they probably needed to evolve themselves as an individual instead of as a duo. Well, a few weeks ago, at the Country Music Awards, the duo Sugarland united and presented at the awards, un-announced if I may add (still a little salty about that one). They then ended up playing a few songs after the show and my heart just couldn't take it. My two favorite people back on one stage made me go through all the emotions. I mean, I’m sure my 11-year-old self was jumping for joy. But their actions also made me tweet them like crazy. I needed answers: Why didn't you tell us? How did we not know? What does this mean? What can we expect? How long have you been hiding this? Do I need to set up a GoFundMe page to collect donations for VIP tickets?

I fondly remember this group on my television screen singing one of their singles and ever since, I was just obsessed and wanted to know everything about them. I have been following Jennifer Nettles and Kristian Bush for 10 years now and every second has been worth it. To make matters seem ever more obsessive, I have their pre-Sugarland day music as well, so I think that puts me in a different ball-game, right? Anyway, I have seen them perform in a few different west-coast cities and I have met a few other fans along the way because of them. I guess at this point they are a part of my life and history as a person.

Their music is something I have always ran to when I was having a bad day or even a good day. It was such a reliable source to go to for anything and it still sometimes is. I think it's truly important that everyone has something that they are able to go to for a pick me up, guidance, and encouragement. More times than not, music or art has become everyone's guilty pleasure and I think it's special that we are all connected in that way. Throughout history is seems like no matter the circumstances may be, music has connected a community into something strong than it was before and I admire that. With this group that I admire so much, they have connected with so many people that it is deeply inspiring.

Nonetheless, I can't wait to purchase another one of their albums, a few more concert tickets, and a few more merchandise items to keep for years to come. From beginning to end, I will be here to support this duo; I mean I have nothing else to do really... So, Jennifer and Kristian, I am so excited for this new chapter of Sugarland and I can't wait to be apart of this crazy ride.

Cover Image Credit: Taylor Pare

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If Taylor Swift Songs Were Types Of Alcohol

Because what's better than a drink and some T-Swift?

With Taylor Swift's quick return to the music scene... and in a big way, might I add, I decided to associate some of the best Taylor Swift songs with alcohol.

I mean, who wouldn't want to drink to Taylor Swift's catchy melodies and perfect choruses to get over an ex or tell someone exactly how you feel about them?

Taylor Swift has been around for a decade at this point, and let's face it, pretty much all of her songs could go along with at least one type of alcohol.

1. "Welcome To New York" - Moscow Mule

It only makes sense. Visit the Big Apple and you have to indulge in the state's signature cocktail. Moscow mules are a New York classic, and if it's your first night in the city and you haven't bought yourself one, are you even in New York?

2. "Blank Space" - Everclear

Think about it... A night of drinking Everclear will leave you with a giant blank space the next day. You might also look like Taylor did in the music video.

3. "Tim McGraw" - Beer

Tim McGraw is a throwback to Taylor's high school love. What better way to reminisce than with a couple friends and a keg of your favorite cheap beer?

4. "Style" - Cristal Champagne

What's more stylish than with a glass of the most expensive bubbly you can find? Just like Taylor Swift, Cristal will never go out of style.

5. "Shake It Off" - Martini

Get it? Cause you shake a martini? I might be the only one who thinks that's funny but you might end up dancing a little bit with a martini in hand when "Shake It Off" come on the radio.

6. "Red" - Merlot

Red has to go along with a red wine. What else could go along with yet *another* T-Swift breakup song?

7. "22" - Margaritas

Let's face it, when you're 22, you really only drink margaritas. They're fun- and all the hipsters are probably drinking them too.

8. "Teardrops On My Guitar" - Southern Comfort

When your heart is broken, who are you going to turn to besides the only alcohol that gives you comfort...Southern Comfort that is.

9. "I Knew You Were Trouble" - Fireball

I can't say I've ever met anyone who spent a night with Fireball and didn't regret it the next morning.

10. "Look What You Mad Me Do" - Tequila

T-Swift's latest single is an angry one. What better to make you angry than tequila? Taylor basically just called out everyone who had ever talked about her behind her back and she did it in true Taylor fashion-by writing a song. She was probably drunk on tequila when she wrote it too.

11. ...Ready For It? - Bottomless Mimosas

Because it's just that good.

Cover Image Credit: YouTube

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Unwanted: A Limerick

Now my siblings have a new brother.


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and fornicated,

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