My Favorite 2016 Songs
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My Favorite 2016 Songs

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My Favorite 2016 Songs
Bath Deanery

Whatever your feelings about 2016 may be, everyone has to admit the music that came out was pretty awesome! Since 2016 is almost officially over, I thought I would highlight some of my favorite hits from this year.

1. Hands To Myself

Favorite line:

"Can't keep my hands to myself
I mean, I could but why would I want to?"

By: Selena Gomez

2. Into You

Favorite line:

"A little bit dangerous, but, baby, that's how I want it
A little less conversation and a little more 'touch my body'"

By: Ariana Grande

3. Sit Still, Look Pretty

Favorite line:

"But I don't wanna be the puppet that you're playing on a string
This queen don't need a king"

By: Daya


Favorite line:

"I'd love to hold you close, tonight and always
I'd love to wake up next to you"

By: Zayn

5. Starving

Favorite line:

"I didn't know that I was starving 'til I tasted you
Don't need no butterflies when you give me the whole damn zoo"

By: Hailee Steinfeld and Grey ft. Zedd

6. Work From Home

Favorite line:

"I know you're always on the night shift
But I can't stand these nights alone
And I don't need no explanation
'Cause baby, you're the boss at home"

By: Fifth Harmony ft. Ty Dolla $ign

7. Closer

Favorite line:

"So, baby, pull me closer
In the back seat of your Rover
That I know you can't afford
Bite that tattoo on your shoulder"

By: The Chainsmockers Ft. Halsey

8. Heathens

Favorite line:

"We don't deal with outsiders very well
They say newcomers have a certain smell"

By: Twenty One Pilots

9. Formation

Favorite line:

"Earned all this money but they never take the country out me
I got a hot sauce in my bag, swag"

By: Beyoncé

10. Treat You Better

Favorite line:

"I know I can treat you better than he can
And any girl like you deserves a gentleman"

By: Shawn Mendes

11. Sucker For Pain

Favorite line:

"Love and the loyalty that's what we stand for
Alienated by society, all this pressure give me anxiety"

By: Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa, Imagine Dragons, Logic, Ty Dolla $ign, and X Ambassadors

Feel free to listen to a playlist of these songs on my Youtube.

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