I Asked 27 People About Their Favorite Part Of Their Morning Routine, And What A Way To Wake Up
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I Asked 27 People About Their Favorite Part Of Their Morning Routine, And What A Way To Wake Up

Some might be surprising, some not so much, but we all have our little something-something.

I Asked 27 People About Their Favorite Part Of Their Morning Routine, And What A Way To Wake Up
Photo by Crystal Shaw on Unsplash

Everyone has their own morning routine that helps them start their day on the right foot. Some are long and rigorous, some are short and sweet, but along the way, every single one of us has found that morning groove that just works! Within that routine, we also have our favorite part, or must-have, that we absolutely cannot skip.

I don't know about any of you but my routine (despite it taking a while sometimes) isn't that complicated, and if I skip one specific thing, it throws my whole day off-course. A lot of times, I like to take showers at night so that my morning routine isn't as heinous and time consuming as it would be otherwise. That way, when my dreaded alarm chimes in the morning, I get a much-needed jump-start because I can already check one thing off my list.

My favorite thing to do in my morning routine is rinse my hair and wash my face. Yes, rinse my hair. After I shower, I apply some curl enhancing leave-in conditioner and sleep on it throughout the night. (I'm not a hair guru, so don't tattle to Brad Mondo.) The reason why I do this, apart from it making my hair super soft and my natural curls prettier, is so I have that underlying responsibility to do something with my hair to make it presentable (at the very least) once I come to terms with my horrific bed-head in the mirror. Anyway - To keep my hair from looking greasy and gross, I just rinse out my hair completely and wash my face shortly after with cold water. Something about that shock of cold water, both on my scalp and face, is just the thing I need to wake up and get my day started.

While that's my favorite part of my morning routine, I know that everyone has their special something that is an absolute must to start their day. I wanted to know, so I asked 27 people what their favorite part of their morning routine is! Some might be surprising, some not so much, but we all have our little something-something.

Christian, 22

I enjoy smoking a joint as soon as I wake up! Weed is like my coffee, so I smoke to give myself energy in the morning!

Hayley, 22

When the gym was open early (#CovidSucks), my favorite part of my morning routine was working out. It got my day going on the right foot and I felt very productive because I had already accomplished that for myself, and then could also enjoy the sunrise and the rest of my morning with an already cleared/refreshed mind set.

J, "old enough"

This is a little crude, but the first void of the day in preparation for that first cup of coffee. Making my bladder flatter, only to fill it up again once the coffee is done brewing.

Shelby, 22

The moments during and after I wake up. I taught my cat, Stella, to give me kisses and now every morning, she wakes me up by kissing my cheek. She then cuddles with me until I'm ready to get up.

Maddie, 22

Making my morning coffee. I've gotten really into coffee recipes (thanks TikTok!), so every morning I try something new!! It's fun and without it I probably wouldn't function.

Gabby, 19

Buying or making coffee. I love coffee and I love the way it makes me feel, as cliche' as that may sound.

Garrett, 22

That hot shower at the start of the day - the refreshed feeling I get and the burst of energy that helps me power through the day.

Elizabeth, 45

Snuggling with my dog!

Grace, "old enough"

I have animals....they depend on me. They demand food by chittering, meowing loudly (cats), and dancing around (dogs).

My little FF (Foster-Failure) terrier mix will let out a single scream (shrill-bark) and give "the look " if I'm not fast enough with the food delivery. My Golden Retriever won't engage until he's been given the verbal cue, "okay, go eat." He's so polite and gracious.

I have a rescue cat, Pokey from Okie (affectionately called Hitler because of hissing, growling, and blood-drawn bites)....he only loves one person in the house and she's away at college. Lucky me! I think he's warming up to me...he now lets me in the same room as him. LOL! I've given him space and now he seeks me out for attention (as I wrote this, he's ever so slowly climbed on the bed and laid next to me).

When the feedings, watering, cleaning liter pans, and bathroom breaks have been completed....I return to bed and bask in the quiet cuddles from the fur-babies as I sip my mocha-creamer infused coffee and contemplate my plans for task-completion of the day.

Kaitlinn, 23

Going to get my son up and hearing "good morning mommy", and seeing his smile when I walk in the room!

C, 22

Rolling over and turning off my alarm so I can sleep more... and hoping I wake up in time for work/classes.

Andrew, 23

Waking up and smoking a blunt while playing with my dogs. It helps me center myself and get ready for the day.

Cameron, 23

Waking to one of my first alarms, then giving myself about 10 minutes of "phone time".

The phone time makes for the lowest level of commitment to waking up. I can play games, check social media and news outlets, and respond to any messages I may have gotten throughout the night - all without having to get out of bed or turn on a light. Honestly, in my opinion, its the best and easiest way to wake up.

Melissa, 42

Taking my son to school. It's great to be able to spend some quiet time together.

Nate, 23


Leesha, 20

Saying good morning to my friends through Snapchat. I like to stay connected and let them know I'm thinking about them!

Anonymous, "legal"

Savage morning sex! You know this will be the best part of your day because you work with *ssholes.

Akadienne, 19

Brushing my teeth, because I can't stand morning breath.

Evelyn, 18

Washing my face because it wakes me up.

Jon, 58


Regan, 20

My morning cold brew. It gives me a good kickstart to my day!

Alexis, 20

Eating breakfast, because it's the time I get to plan out my day and nourish my body with the most important meal of the day!

Radhi, 27

Praying and meditation, because it sets the intention for the day from an early start.

Erikka, 23

Taking a shower and getting ready to have a healthy, nutritional breakfast! Breakfast is known to be the most important meal of the day, and I really enjoy indulging in it after taking a relaxing morning shower.

Brandi, 28

Waking up before my kids so I can enjoy at least 10 minutes of peace and quiet.

Morgan, 21

Waking up early enough to have home cooked breakfast and relaxation time.

Paige, 28

My shower! It just feels so nice to get clean and it helps me wake up.

Whether it's getting that first whiff of coffee while it's brewing, taking that first sip, eating breakfast, working out, meditation, those meaningful moments with your children, or just snoozing our alarms to get as much sleep as possible, we all have our favorite things that something that outshines everything else no matter how big or small!

You know our favorite parts of our morning routines, so what's yours?

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