As a fashion major, I have heard a lot of crap about the career choice I have made. It's pretty obvious that no one takes careers in the fashion industry seriously. This industry thrives off hard work and passion and deserves to be respected.

The fashion industry. A mythical industry that everyone seems to think is filled with glitz and glam. As fashion students, we have become used to certain comments, questions, and concerns about our career choice. Here are 7 things Fashion Majors are tired of hearing.

1. "I wanted to major in Fashion Merchandising, but my parents told me had to major in something that is an actual job."

Your parents must stink.

2. "Aw, a major to learn how to sew."

I don't learn how to sew in any of my classes.

3. "I wish I could just shop all day."


We don't get to shop all day.

4. "So do you need an actual degree in fashion, to open your own clothing store."

You don't need a degree to open a store, but it would be helpful in order to be successful.

5. "You are just going to design clothes?"

There are so many jobs in the fashion industry other than just being a designer.

6. "Can you sew something for me?"

I don't even know how to sew.

7. "That's why you dress so well."

Not everyone that dresses well is a fashion major and not all fashion majors dress well.