New York Fashion Week is a collection of individuals expressing their own views and ideas. Street Style has become almost just as important as what walks down the runways. Individuals attending the shows are starting to have more power over fashion than the designers themselves. Consumers in my opinion have started to crave more realistic style and design than the couture pieces of the past. People want to be able to picture themselves wearing the clothing and relate to it in a more personal way.

I believe New York Fashion Week is taking a turn for the better. Participants can use their phones to buy items off the runway as they are watching the show. How much more consumer focused can it get?

Although I cannot afford anything off the runway, I would definitely welcome the opportunity to browse. Google and RewardStyle are the powerhouse team behind this “see now buy now” phenomenon. This takes window-shopping to a whole new level. Although all designers are not participating in the tech savvy change to fashion week, so many of your favorites are. For more information you can check it this awesome article in the LA Times written by Maghan McDowell.

Although this type of search has been used for other world events like the Olympics, this is the first time for fashion week. I am excited to see how this changes the fashion world for the future. Technology has grown in recent years, but I would have never imagined this. So whether you are more interested in the street style or the runways get your phones and credit cards ready and go shop New York Fashion Week!