A Farewell To Michelle Obama
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Politics and Activism

A Farewell To Michelle Obama

She's the best First Lady since Eleanor Roosevelt.

A Farewell To Michelle Obama
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The impending presidential election has been the main topic of political discussion for what seems to be the longest time. The battle between Trump and other Republican candidates has unfortunately ended in Trump's favor, while the fight still lingers between Hillary and Sanders. Is the better choice Bernie? Is the better choice Hillary? Is the better choice Trump? We are stuck in place trying to answer these questions, unable to move forward.

I'm certainly feeling the bern, but frankly I don't want to talk about who will win anymore. I'm tired of talking about who will lead us forward. I'm tired of being stuck. I've resolved that the only way to move forward is to say goodbye. We must say farewell to the current presidency, to the individuals that have worked so hard for us in the past 8 years. Although, while I am thankful for both of the Obamas, Michelle Obama deserves a special farewell.

After becoming the First Lady, Michelle has used her position to become a role model for women and an advocate for poverty awareness, nutrition, physical activity and healthy eating. She also contributed significant effort towards LGBT Rights and lead an administration-wide initiative "Let's Move", to reverse the trend of childhood obesity. As displayed by her actions, Michelle Obama truly loves this country and its people. To show my appreciation for her love, here's a compilation of all my favorite things about her:

1. Her arms

I mean just look at them. They're amazing. They defy the myth that toned arms must be accompanied by muscles. The arms of an angel that Sarah McLachlan sings about all the time.

2. Her love of sweet potatoes.

It's true!!! They're her favorite Fall vegetable.

3. Her knowledge of popular music

Turn down for what, Madam President?

4. Her empowering messages to women

She has also worked to eradicate prejudices towards all women, especially those of color.

5. Her arms again because you probably didn't appreciate them enough the first time

6. Her awesome dance moves

Have we ever had a First Lady with moves like that? No.

7. This memebecause we all know FLOTUS keeps it lit

8. This video of her rapping (click link!)


9. Her love of her family

A role model for mothers everywhere. She's been called "the coolest mom of America", where is the lie?

10. Her style and fashion (and arms)

Although this highly respected and educated women gets asked far too many questions about what she is wearing, she works whatever she is in. Don't you agree?

Thank you for all that you've done, Michelle. You've made many laugh and smile. You've worked hard to fight for what you believe in. You've been a great First Lady, and I can't wait to see what you'll do to continue your dream of helping people. Here's to moving forward!

PS Sorry Barack, I love you too! Proud of you.

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