It’s official. Fall has arrived. Well, it’s actually been official for nearly a month now, but our recent bursts of cold weather have closed the doors on summer for good. Gone are the shorts, beach trips, and sunscreen (SPF 50 for us pale folks, right?). Most tragically, gone are the flip flops.

No, they’re not the most protective choice of footwear. Yes, they’re a particularly noisy shoe. Okay, besides these teensy little flaws, flips flops are basically perfect.

Allow me to set the scene. You’re leaving the house, or at least trying to, when the phone rings. When you’re finished politely telling the telemarketer to never ever call this number again, you catch a glimpse of your reflection in the mirror perched on the wall in the living room. Is that a hair out of place? Of course, you dash into the bathroom to readjust those pesky little strands of hair. Ready to leave now? Nope, because now you can’t find your keys. You tear the place apart in search of those little buggers, only to finally remember you left them in your purse. Navigating through that monsoon of a bag isn’t easy and the clock ticks a couple more minutes away before you victoriously emerge with the keys. Phew. Time to leave at last. You check your phone to see just how late you are, relieved to discover there’s still a chance to be punctual if you don’t waste any more time. You rush to the door and what do you slide onto your feet? Why, flips flops, of course, because they’re easy and go with everything.

As our beautifully warm weather fades into the past, we’re greeted with autumnal temperatures that aren’t so friendly for flip flops. Our bare toes shiver when they’re touched by fall’s cool breezes and we’re forced to admit our footwear is out of season. We toss our flip flops into storage for the foreseeable future, casting them into their winter prison with dejected sighs. It’s time for the sensible shoes now.

Goodbye for now, flip flops. I’ll miss the songs we made as we flopped loudly against the ground. I’ll miss being able to mindlessly kick you off my feet when I step through the door after a long day. I look forward to seeing you again a handful of months after the new year begins. My feet will miss you.

I’ll admit I’m being a tad bit dramatic. Maybe more than just a tad bit. But forgetting flip flops for the cold seasons is a sign that summer is behind us. We’re one step closer to battling snowflakes that fall endlessly from the heavens and to trying to wrap our jackets around us as tightly as possible. Flip flops are out and boots are in. Boots, hats, gloves, scarves, you name it. None of them quite match the splendor of my favorite noisy footwear.

But here in New England, of course, we could be wearing flip flops again tomorrow. Who knows...