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I Am Me

I am far more than my doubts and insecurities.

I Am Me
The Power of Meditation

Everyone struggles with their self image, some far more than others. Some only think that they’re a little chubby, others that they aren’t beautiful and that they are disgusting people. Some believe that they are just a little goofy around other people, others believe that they are so strange that they may as well be an attraction in a circus. I may not fall on either extreme of that spectrum, but I do still struggle with different aspects of my self image. I personally believe that I’m not very pretty, and that I annoy everyone around me in a 100 yard radius.

A few weeks ago I was on the app store, just looking around for no real reason when I came across the app “I am - Daily Positive Reminders.” This is an app that “empowers [people] by verbally affirming [their] dreams and ambitions” while also helping to “rewire our brains, build self esteem and change negative thought patterns.” I thought why not give it a go, and so I downloaded it.

Upon downloading it, I set it to off randomly throughout the day from 8 AM until 10 PM. The way that I use it is that when an affirmation pops up, I spend a moment thinking about the affirmation given and how it applies to me. The following is a list of my 5 favorite affirmations from one of my days.

1. I am powerful.

Powerful: having control and influence over people and events

What an affirmation to start the day off with! I am powerful. I am a force to be reckoned with. I am determined and I am a strong woman in my own rights. I am not to be trifled with. I am not a pretty little thing to be toyed with, but I have desire, my speech, and most importantly my own ideas. I am a leader.

2. I am sunny.

Sunny: cheery and bright

My parents, when I was little, used to call me their "sunshine.” In fact, my song was “You are My Sunshine.” I was their first child, and I brought them joy. Now I bring others around me joy and happiness. I have the power to create smiles and laughter, one of the strongest emotions in the world. Even if only the kids that I babysit want to be with me (thanks so much by the way, Elena and Sophia!), I am a joy to be around.

3. I am reliable.

Reliable: a person or thing with trustworthy qualities

When I was younger I had pretty big problem with lying. I was constantly getting spankings or time outs for all of the falsehoods I constructed. I firmly believe that I’ve a long way since then, and that now I’m much more trustworthy and honorable than I was. Another word for reliable is genuine, so not only am I more trustworthy, but I’m also real and 100 percent me. I don’t hide me, I proudly show who I have become and who I will become in the future.

4. I am engaging.

Engaging: to establish a meaningful contact or connection with

Between an extrovert and an introvert, I most definitely fall on the side of the extrovert. I am outgoing and I enjoy people. I love to talk to them and create conversations where both of us learn something new and have thoroughly enjoyed our conversation. I love when I can engage with a person, and truly know them as a person.

5. I am okay.

Okay: in a satisfactory physical or mental state

This one may seem like it’s a more dull and boring affirmation, but the small word that we use everyday really packs a punch when it comes to the meaning of the word. This word might even be my absolute favorite word that I chose. I am kay. I am alright. I will move past my struggles. I do wrestle with different ideas about myself, low body image, depression, and that I am a bother, but those will pass. It may not always seem like it, but I am okay. I may not be great, but I am okay.

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