Fantastic Spoilers and Here to Find Them

Fantastic Spoilers and Here to Find Them

Be warned there be spoilers ahead.

It's officially been a week or so since JK Rowling's "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them" appeared in movie theaters, which I'm designating now as the ok to finally talk about my spoiler filled thoughts for it. As a quick warning I am going to talk about nothing but spoilers and this is your chance to leave for anyone else who hasn't seen it. I will insert this cute little picture of a Harry Potter cat as a buffer so you don't accidentally see anything while you exit out, before I start talking.

General Thoughts

It's no secret that I absolutely loved it, and I mean the signs were all there, it was in the world of Harry Potter, the screenplay was written by J.K. Rowling herself (which by the way of course I've already read the one you can purchase), and it was just perfect. There wasn't a point during the film where I didn't have a huge smile on face, my cheeks actually hurt a bit from smiling while watching it. However, I'm not going to lie when I say that I was super nervous beforehand about how it was going to be, like I may have accidentally whisper yelled at my grandma to "shhhhh" once the film started and she was still talking.

Character's wise I thought everyone did great, Eddie Redmayne as Newt kind of reminded me a bit of Matt Smith as the 11th Doctor from "Doctor Who", mannerisms wise but I was ok with that since they're both great characters. Jacob was great as the first major muggle/no-maj character in the series. Tina and Queenie were great and now I just wanna know more about them like what houses were they in, in Illvermorny, what was it like there? With Credence...I just feel like his life could've been a little better if he didn't have that really bad haircut.

By the way, Johnny Depp was in this. Yay? Although that does explain why everything was so final once people started complaining about him being in the films as a possibility but it then became actual, and that's because he's actually in the film. When you first see him it's just the back of his head and the back of his head does a great job of looking very menacing. Then you learn though that Colin Farrell as Graves was Grindelwald with some transfiguration's done to his face. Once you finally see Johnny Depp as Grindelwald it makes you realize that, Dumbledore was probably way out of his league looks wise. However,I don't know how to feel about it, I know I'll probably have to wait and see what he's like in the other films but I'm just worried he's just going to make this a copy of his other character's and that's not what I want. Don't make Grindelwald act all Tim Burtony weird. Personally I would've been ok if they just kept Colin Farrell as if he was Grindlewald the whole time because he did great as the suspected bad guy throughout the film or brought back Jamie Campbell Bower (Grindlewald from Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows part 1).

Creature's wise they all looked magical, my favorite scenes were the one's that took place in the world of Newt's suitcase. It was all so pretty and well done and I would totally spend an afternoon in there. Out of all the creatures I liked, I'm going to go the cliche route and say my favorite was Niffler because it was just so gosh darn cute, and think of all the expensive stuff it could steal for you!

However, there is one problem I had with the film though and that is at the end of it. Jacob totally didn't have to get obliviated at the end. I mean it's like did Newt forget he has a whole carry around world in his suitcase? Sure the president said there were no exceptions but she had left after she had said that! Newt could've just been like "ok we'll just lie about this and say you lost your memory Jacob, into the case you go" right afterwards instead of going through with it. Since when in the Harry Potter world has anyone followed rules, I mean come on guys. Granted I'm not upset with it and it still made for a really cute ending with him and Queenie but I mean, it was right there, he had the case in his hands!

Crazy Theories Time

All throughout the film I kept making connections to how everything we've seen in here works with everything we already know from Harry Potter and how things will play out in the future films of this franchise and here's what I've come up with. Hang on let me put on the Potter version of a crazy tin foil hat and throw on my Spectrespecs.

*"Will we die a little?": Once I saw that, that is actually what Grindlewald said to Newt the first thing I thought of was Horcruxes. If you remember when Harry killed off Voldemort's Horcruxes they described it a little as Voldemort dying piece by piece. Now the question is what would've been Grindlewalds Horcrux...oh my god breakthrough, I just realized it could've been the necklace of the Deathly Hollow's that he gave Credence. However, he said "we" does that mean him and Newt might have one together?

*Leta Lestrange: She pops up quite a few times in the film but what's her story? We all know that the Lestranges are not the nicest of families so how did the sweet Newt Scamander end up possibly having a relationship with her? My guess is that maybe the Scamander's are a family like the Lestrange's and Newt and Leta were both the black sheep of the family who ended up in Hufflepuff. Which could be possible, if you look at Tonk's mother Andromeda Lestrange who is the exact opposite of her sister's. However, Leta probably finally switched over to her family's ways after Newt was expelled.

*Obscurus: These were introduced into the world of Harry Potter for the first time in this film. An Obscurus is basically all the built up magic lashing out in a child who is being pushed down for who they truly are. If we look back to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallow's, we learn about the past of Albus Dumbledore and his little sister Ariana, a girl who was constantly locked away and pushed down for possibly being a squib. When she died nobody really knew how but my guess is, that Ariana was an Obscurus herself. Now does Newt have any involvement with it, probably not but I feel like this information could become more important in the future.

More to come

I am super excited for more of these films in the future. There's news though, hopefully rumors, coming around that Mr. Scamander won't be the main character in some of the future films. I'm keeping my finger's crossed though that, that just means the new four character's we all came to know and love will become the main character's themselves so there is no definite one main character, or that they will possibly shoot the film like a long Game of Throne's episode by bouncing between point of view. What I'm mainly trying to say is keep Newt, Tina, Queenie, and Jacob in the story please they were great character's and don't get them pushed to the back.

Well that is all for now folks, there is nothing more that I can say other than that I absolutely loved this film and would love to see it again in theaters to enjoy it some more, then probably buy it on blue ray when it comes out. Hopefully you enjoyed this spoiler filled talk I had with you and if you agree/ disagree with what I said just leave a comment!

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Cover Image Credit: Warner Bros Pictures

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