I'm A College Fangirl And Proud
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I'm A College Fangirl And Proud

Fandoms, fandoms and more fandoms!

I'm A College Fangirl And Proud
Carley Sebren

Now, this probably comes as no surprise for most people who know me, but I am indeed a huge fangirl! From TV shows, movies and books there is always a new world to discover and for me to become a part of. From Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, Disney, Star Wars, the 100, Marvel, etc.

Some people may find my obsession and geeky nature unattractive and bizarre, but I have no shame in being the way I am!

For instance, my bedroom in my apartment is full of movie/play posters, books on every shelf of my bookcase, t-shirts in my closet and nerd merchandise scattered throughout. My favorite merchandise would have to be the numerous t-shirts that showcase my love for my fandoms. Simply because these t-shirts allow me to express myself and show others that I am not afraid to love a fandom as much as I do.

If it's not buying a new t-shirt at the store you can usually find me adding a new Popfigure to my growing collection! As of right now I currently have thirty-three figurines, ranging from characters from my favorite television series to my favorite movies. Having these figures all around my room makes me extremely happy. Sometimes when I have a bad day I go and sit in front of my bookshelf and admire all the collectibles I have so far and it makes me feel better.

I know you might be thinking, thirty-three collectible figures, that's crazy! For me having them is not crazy. There is a spark that ignites in me from every story I read, every movie/ tv show I watch and the characters within them that I fall in love with and build a connection with.

There is so much that I learn from all of my fandoms. Wisdom and life lessons that help form me into the person I am today.

That is why I was not afraid to get the words "Avengers Assemble" on my body for the rest of my life. Those two words and the meaning and powerful message that they uphold is what makes me feel special and makes me believe that anything is possible in this life.

No matter where I am in life and what I am going through, having these fandoms and other worlds to escape to is such a reassurance to me. I am not ashamed of my love for these fandoms and for living my life the way I do!

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