18 TV Shows Predicted To Return Within The Decade

18 TV Shows Predicted To Return Within The Decade

Reviving is now the new normal.


They say goodbyes are never goodbyes, they are just see-you-laters. That's been the case with most TV shows. Within the past few years, revivals have been the newest thing. From the return of "24" and "Prison Break," to sitcoms such as "Will and Grace" and "Roseanne," this just displays that when these beloved shows ended, they only took a break(until "Roseanne" was canceled this past spring after a tweet made by the star of the program herself). This season, there's no slow down for reboots as CBS plans to welcome back "Murphy Brown" and "Magnum PI." Between those two, "Will and Grace, and the short-lived reboot of "Roseanne," here are 19 beloved shows predicted to come back within the decade.

1. Law and Order

It broke a record by becoming the longest-running scripted crime show when it got canceled, but despite numerous reports claiming it won't happen, you never know, it easily can. As its other running show in the franchise, "Law and Order SVU," continues to get older, it can soon be time to say "see you later" to SVU and "welcome back" to the original one.

2. West Wing

Before "Scandal," this was the White House show, many were tuning into each week. It also got households to become more familiar with the name Aaron Sorkin. Since the shows" 2006 conclusion, Sorkin has moved on and created other projects such as "The Newsroom" however, he has discussed a "West Wing" revival. If it does happen, when will it be? We'll just have to wait and see.

3. ER

What was once voted as one of the best drama's of all time that made people such as George Clooney famous, could make a return on the smaller screens. The beloved medical drama was the sit down of its category before other shows in it such as "Greys Anatomy" and "Chicago Med," took over the tubes. There was even a time when both "Grey's" and "ER," were on the same night, giving fans the best of both worlds. While nothing has been definite, there have been mixed reports on a reboot.

4. Scrubs

Thanks to streaming services, like many other sitcoms, people are still tuning into "Scrubs," eight years after it's cancellation. This workplace comedy starring Zach Braff was a hit during it's NBC's Must See TV and Comedy Night Done Right Eras. Although The Peacock Network did not invite JD and his co-workers back for an eighth season, it wasn't long before ABC was calling their names. Despite being picked up by The Alphabet Network, it wasn't long before the plug was pulled a second time. Although it was canceled twice, Zach Braff has admitted he would the series again or even a possible movie.

5. 30 Rock

It drew big ratings for NBC and still makes audiences laugh to this day. Nobody can get enough of Tracy Morgan and his foolish character, who is not much different than the comedian himself. Let's not forget the other characters who serve as the faces of the sitcom and are portrayed by big named stars such as Alec Baldwin, Tina Fey, and Jack Mcbrayer. This NBC comedy revolving around employees working inside the world famous building where the network's headquarters stand can be making a comeback real soon. Last spring, Tina Fey confirmed that she is brainstorming ideas for a return.

6. The Office

Like many other sitcoms, "The Office" is still attracting new viewers even five years after it finished. It was last year though when fans got excited again as there were talks about the sitcom returning as early as this fall. Despite that, it looks like we might not see the new and revived version of the series for a while, but it will probably happen.

7. House

Although there haven't been any plans to have Hugh Laurie return to the small screen as everyone's favorite doctor, in a time where many shows are coming back, "House" might soon be one of them.

8. Bones

It might have only ended less than two years ago, but almost four months after the series finale, talks of bringing the beloved crime show back, have been discussed. It's also not a surprise since other beloved Fox favorites such as "Prison Break" and "24," returned within a decade after their first run's concluded.

9. King Of The Hill

Before The Griffin's, Belcher's, and Smith's dominated Sunday evening's, The Simpson's had another family creating laughs with. That was The Hill's. Making its debut on Fox in 1997, This was the second animated series to be created by "Beavis and Butthead" creator Mike Judge. Although the show signed off in 2010, Judge spoke last year about bringing the show back with older versions of the original characters.

10. The Closer

Throughout the years, TNT has experienced many turns in its original prime-time programming. As not many of its shows have lasted more than a season or two, "The Closer" was a big hit for the cable network. Will it make a return and help revamp the cable network's prime time programming? It is possible.

11. Sex and the City

Today, Carrie, Samantha, Miranda, and Charlotte, live on in syndication. Fourteen years and two movies later, it's no surprise, eyes are on one of HBO's best running series for a revival. Recently, the shows creator Darren Star admitted on the 20th anniversary of the show premiere, that he would be down for a return.

12. King of Queens

Viewers got to see a reunion on Kevin James' short-lived sitcom "Kevin Can Wait" between James and Leah Remini. Remini came on board as a main cast member last season, before CBS pulled the plug on it. Can we see these two together during prime time again? After it's unexpected cancellation, maybe it's best to go back to the first stage.

13. Lost

It was more than one of those stranded-on-an-island things. Even to this day, fans still can't get enough of Lost. The suspenseful ABC multigenre series was once voted as one of the best TV shows of all time. From its brilliant writing to great acting, it would be no surprise if ABC rebooted this one soon.

14. Dharma and Greg

Over the years, Chuck Lorre has become a household name, thanks to his CBS comedies. Before "Two and a Half Men," "The Big Bang Theory," "Mike and Molly," "Two Broke Girls," "Mom," and "Young Sheldon," Lorre had another sitcom displaying the themes of everyday people. While the couple has been reunited on other works of Lorre's such as Two and a Half Men, after not finding success with other shows, Jenna Elfman has considered the idea.

15. Surburbatory

Its cancellation was a disappointment for its viewers but as soon as ABC pulled the plug on it in 2014, it didn't take long for one of the show's stars, to speak about it making a comeback. There was even recent discussion about a possible reunion next year.

16. Freaks and Geeks

Known as one of the greatest short-lived series of all time and for its A-list cast members including James Franco, Seth Rogen, Jason Segel, and Busy Phillips, it might appear as just another high school television series but to fans, it was more. While executive producer, Judd Apatow has admitted that he doesn't want to do a revival, James Franco had other thoughts.

17. Fraiser

Everyone loved him on "Cheers" and he continued to live on after the shows series finale in 1993. This summer, Kelsey Grammer spoke about doing a revival of the beloved spin-off. The original one ran for 11 seasons and ended a couple of weeks after "Friends."

18. Psych

Producers didn't wait to get "Psych" back on the small screen. Although it was only a movie, there has been talk about more than that. People are already talking about another one coming out. Will we see a reboot though? Two movies can lead to one.















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How Art Can Help You Take Care Of Yourself

It's time to go on a date with yourself.


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Personally, as an Art History minor, art has been a dimension of life for me that I have explored deeply and holds a lot of meaning. Painting is a huge outlet and way to deal with stress for me, and appreciating fine art teaches me about the aspect of history and how all of history is tied together throughout paintings, sculptures, and photographs. It helps me center myself and remind me of the place I hold in this world and the curious aspect personal experience of history. However, art doesn't need to be the stereotypical idea of art: it can be expressed through dance, the learning of a new language, or the coloring of mandalas to ease stress.

The exploration of art and the artistic side of human nature is something that everyone has in them: it's written in our psychology. We have an entire side of our brain that is inclined toward feeling and abstract interpretation, so it's natural to assume that emotion and expression of art are intrinsically intertwined. Thus, experiencing art is a way to personally develop yourself, and can be an unfound way of finding out things about yourself.

Different ways to explore your artistic side can be very easy: as easy as 3rd-grade coloring books, coloring mandalas, or finger-painting. Recently, I participated in a lantern festival and being able to paint a small lantern was an amazing outlet from a stress-filled week and allowed me to express myself through something besides just communication. Writing is also another good way to express emotion and create art: many books are just art pieces, and can be another way to further develop yourself. Additionally, other small fun things like carving pumpkins (spooky season!) or even curating the perfect Instagram profile can be another way to express yourself.

Appreciating the small things in your life as art and self-expression help put you more in touch with yourself, which is easy to lose throughout the mundane cycles of college, work, and life in general. Keeping yourself in harmony and balance might seem like an earthy-crunchy concept, but self-care and self-love are vital in keeping the rest of your life ordered. Being mindful of yourself and your goals is something that I have always have had difficulty with, but working toward learning more about yourself is taking the first step.

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