Family turned to Friends

Family turned to Friends

The cousins that have become more than family but also friends

Most people mention how friends turn into family but I want to talk about the family that we had no choice in the making that becomes some of our closest friends. A lot of people, including myself often say how their friends weren't siblings because God knew their parents could not handle them but I think that's also sometimes how we get cousins!! Some of my cousins are my best friends! Because although your friends may become part of your family they are still separated from any family drama or understanding of your weird aunt. Your cousins are there for you when tragedy strikes because it most likely happened to their family too because you are part of the same family! Even though often we do not live next door or in the same state we are always down to write letters, text, call, all of the above! And catching up at family gatherings is the highlight and the only reason I continue to show up!

A lot of people talk about their favorite cousins and I do not understand how that is a thing! I of course have the cousins I am closer to usually just because of age but if I try to come up with a favorite I end up listing them all because they are all my family and my friends and I could not be without one! Some may be thinking I have about 2-4 cousins since I speak about them all like we are really close and usually that cannot occur with big families well fun fact I have about 24 cousins, solid chance I miss counted! That includes both my mother and my father's sides. And every second the family gets bigger with cousins/siblings getting married and having children! But again I do find them all to be my favorites and even though age and location do often separate us we are all family and love each other a lot!!

Most of my cousins are older and relatively close to my age so some have seen me grow up like my siblings. We have all made our mistakes and I think that has helped us all learn from them and we help each other up from those mistakes. Although not every family is perfect including mine I am lucky to have such supportive cousins that have truly become some of my best friends! I remember as a child talking to them saying how we will always be close and that our kids will be close and even now with being separated more by school and life we are still holding on to that hope!

Cover Image Credit: Mary Holden

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10 Struggles Girls Taller Than 5'7" Feel On A Spiritual Level

3. "Do you date guys that are shorter than you?"

Any girl who is at least 5'8" will understand these struggles and possibly identify with them on a spiritual level.

1. Dresses not being long enough

Finding dresses for any occasion that will be long enough is like searching for rain in a drought. And when you find one, it's bound to either cost $$$ or not fit another aspect of your body.

2. Heck, pants are never long enough either

You are constantly flooding, or else you rolled up your jeans to look like capris. Unless you special ordered some jeans online in the coveted size LONG or EXTRA LONG, this will forever be your fate.

3. "Do you date guys that are shorter than you?"

This is a personal preference people! Don't assume that a girl will or will not date someone just based on their height difference! Also, don't judge if they aren't interested in someone who is shorter than them!

4. Not wearing heels because you don't enjoy being the skyscraper of the friend group

Wearing heels can be fun buuuuuuuut sometimes towering over everyone else is not our idea of fun.

5. It's hard to find cute shoes that actually fit

You would love to have all those cute little shoes in the clearance section, but most of them barely cover your big toe.

6. Everyone thinks you walk too fast

Short-legged people just can't keep up with you, even though you aren't even walking fast. Like at all.

7. People want to jump on your back

Just because you're tall doesn't give them the license to make you into their personal camel.

8. Never being able to cross your legs underneath desks and tables

You. Can. Not. Get. Comfortable.

9. Awkward hugs

Some people will never understand.

10. Never knowing how to pose in pictures

Should you sorority squat? Pop the hip? Bend the leg? Contort your body to feel like a normal sized human? So hard to decide.

Cover Image Credit: Olivia Willoughby

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Being Close To Your Cousins Is The Best Thing That Can Happen To You

Who needs therapists when you have cousins like mine?


My cousins bring out the best in me. When I'm with them, I am happier. They have played a significant role in shaping my mind and my soul. My cousins are the most meaningful people in my life—my life would be incomplete without them. Here are six reasons why cousins are awesome!

1. They help you define yourself 


My cousins know me inside out. When I find myself in situations where a choice has to be made, be it choosing my career or just another pizza, my cousins have helped me choose—they know me so well! There have been times when my cousins knew things about me that I myself didn't know. It's always good to see yourself through others' eyes, and no one can get as real as your cousins.

2. They inspire you 


Dance is something that I feel I was destined to do. It is one hobby I could never give up. My childhood is marked with memories of my cousin Rishabh and I going crazy to Bollywood songs. His passion and energy acted as my fuel. It is with him that I discovered the dancer hidden within me. His love for dance continues to inspire me each day.

3. They are there for you, no matter what 


My cousins have always been there for me, through thick and thin. They have helped me understand and control my emotions. Who needs therapists when you have cousins like mine?

4. You learn so much from them 


My cousin Shivam formed the image of an ideal elder brother in my life. He always stood with what was right and fought against the wrong. I look up to him because in him I see someone who is wise way beyond his years. I see a nurturing, supportive, patient man who is aware of his words and actions. Being the eldest of us all, he made sure we felt happy and safe. From him, I have learned the importance of selfless love, humility, and of always being right. Growing up with these amazing people that I call my cousins, I learned new things every day.

5. They understand you 


They were there through the hair color phase, the nose ring phase, the Taylor Swift phase, and they never judged you.

6. They're like parents, but cooler 


When you make a mistake, they will correct you. When you cross the line, they will put you back in your place. But when you want to go out partying, they'll also help you pick an outfit!

Cousins are a blessing in disguise. And if you have cousins like mine, oh boy, you must be lucky! My cousins make the challenging path toward adulthood worth walking. They make life worth living. And as we part ways and move into different cities, our hearts will always be together and their lessons always with me.

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