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Family First!

Why It's important To Call Mom and Dad Every Day While You're Away.

Family First!
Danielle Boilen

Anyone who’s ever talked to me knows my family is my go-to clique. I’m not ashamed to admit that my mom, dad, and brother are my three best friends. Actually, I think it’s kind of cool. After moving into my freshman dorm, that first goodbye hug separating me from my family was tear jerking. However, 7 months ago I could have never known how frequently I would hear their voices. I call my family multiple times a day, and it keeps me sane. Sometimes I call with a question. Other times, just to hear their voices and catch up between classes. Either way, calling home frequently is one of the single most important aspects of living on your own, and here is why.

They Listen With No Complaints.

No matter how trivial it may be, Mom and Dad will always pick up the phone to hear about your day. Even if it’s the 100th time they’ve heard the same “went to class, ate food, slept, and slept some more” routine, it never gets old in their minds. You can repeat a story to your parents 100 times and they won’t get annoyed. They’re just happy to hear your voice, and it a wonderful thing! When you’re at college, you lose that 20 minutes after school where Mom bombards you with daily questions. You no longer have that night time chat with Dad to tell him about the brutal math test you took, or the soccer game you played in. Therefore, it’s crucial to continuously fill them in. Hearing about the day of my family member's is all I need for that plane-ride distance to feel just a little bit smaller.

Guaranteed to Improve a Cranky College Kid’s Mood.

We all get in moods. With barely any sleep nowadays and hours and hours of studying for final exams, it’s hard to find time for yourself. However, use a phone call home as a quick study break! Hearing Mom and Dad’s voices and encouraging words gets you through those last few vocabulary terms, and gives you the motivation to keep on grinding through the night. No matter how grumpy and tired I am, hearing the words “hi sweetie” at the other end of the phone automatically puts a smile on my face

No One Understands Like Mom.

My mom is my twin and a full blown mind reader. She can tell when I’m upset just by looking at my face. We all know that feeling of burying yourself in Mom’s arms and letting all of life’s problems slowly melt away. However, because some college students are so far from home, it's extra important to pick up the phone and call when college gets rough. Although the experience is remarkable, it’s not always and easy and defiantly not a smooth ride. Even though sometimes it’s hard to admit you need help, Mom will always be a set of ears to listen and understand what’s going on.

Always a Daddy’s Girl.

Ever since I was a little girl, I have gone to my dad for advice. He has taught me everything I know, and I will never stop relying on his guidance and support. Although I can’t run across the hall, bag on the door, and immediately ask for help, the advice will never stop. When I have a few minutes between classes, I call my dad. When I need help deciding which classes to the next semester, what major I should pursue, or even what to eat for lunch that day, I call my dad. I hold onto his classic corny jokes, as they transform me back to home. No matter what, he is never too busy to pick up my phone call, and I will never be too busy to pick up his.

It’s a Sibling Thing.

At home, me and my brother do absolutely everything together. He knows every detail of my life, and I know every detail of his, and that’s the way it’s always been. It’s me and my brother against the world and everyone knows it, no questions asked. My life doesn't feel quite right without my brother here, but daily phone calls and FaceTime's make it easy to stay updated and close! Just because students are far away, doesn’t mean they have to be disconnected from home and the one's who love them the most. Sometimes, a simple "hello, all is well" text isn’t enough. You are not too busy for your family. Take a break from whatever you are doing, slow down, and call home. It will make your day a whole lot better, I promise.

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