My Review of The Netflix Film 'Falling In Love'

Like any other person, I am sitting down on my computer trying to find new things to watch on Netflix and every so often they come out with new Netflix originals and I don't know about everyone but I LOVE a cheesy romantic movie and that is basically what this is or if you have seen ANY hallmark movies, well this is basically that but with an "N" for Netflix instead. If you haven't watched hallmark movies they are usually mushy gushy but very cute but it usually is a love story about a girl or guy who gets lost in their world and they go somewhere and a lot of things change about them.

It attracted my eye first and foremost because the leading actress is Christina Milian and I absolutely adore her! This movie, of course, starts off with her as a big-time girl with a big-time job in an office in the city! She lives in a cute little apartment, does her workouts and eats healthy (every girl's ideal life right?) Her work basically went bankrupt and in that same week she broke up with her "dreamy boyfriend." Basically, her life was falling apart in a matter of 48 hours.

We all know those annoying emails we get that says "click here to win a free trip" or something along those lines? She got something just like that but it was for a cute little Inn all the way in New Zealand but little does she know the work she is about to put into this Inn.

She makes amazing friends along the way and even some nice eye candy! This movie reminded me of the Hallmark movies because you always learn something about yourself when you are placed out of your comfort zone. It is almost as if you are starting a new life where you know absolutely nobody around you and doesn't know anything about the place.

Christina has some interesting things to learn along the way about what all it takes and how much it can take out of you and whether or not you should be going back to the old life you left or staying and starting fresh.

Now don't get me wrong, this movie is definitely cheesy but it does have a silver lining and that whenever she wants to revamp something it is eco-friendly in some way because she is all about saving energy with things cause you know #SaveTheTurtles.

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