In my short 21 years of living, I've experienced a lot of dating and a lot of heartbreak. Probably more heartbreak than anything yet those experiences have taught me some valuable lessons.

I'm no love expert as I have never been in any serious relationship but I've dealt with a great number of boys.

I've always been particular about having male friends, especially after my first relationship. I dated my best guy friend but it did not last very long and after we broke up, we never spoke ever again.

I'm a generally a really easy going person and can make friends fairly quickly which is dangerous when it comes to making guy friends. I always make a cute guy friend and somehow end up falling for him and it doesn't ever end the way I wish it did.

Here are some tips that will be valuable you will need if you end up falling in the black hole of crushing on a guy friend:

1. Do not rush anything

2. Do not be super obvious nor obsessive about it

3. Do not sabotage anything for him (or yourself) just because you like him

4. Do not be afraid to shoot your shot

5. If he friend-zones you, it's not the end of the world

6. If you date him, discuss your friendship as well.

7. If you have the same friend group, don't make them choose one of you if you break up

8. If you stop talking, remember that things happen for a reason.