10 Ideas For A Cozy Date Night In This Fall And Winter
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10 Ideas For A Cozy Date Night In When It's Just Too Chilly To Go Outside

Because sometimes you just need to be snuggled up with your boo.

10 Ideas For A Cozy Date Night In When It's Just Too Chilly To Go Outside

Yup, like most things, summer must come to an end, but just because summer is ending doesn't mean date nights have to end with it. Sure, there will be no more water park trips or picnic dates for a while, but surely there are many more date night ideas you don't need a clear sky and 80+ degree day to make happen.

That's what this list is for. Below are 10 ideas for date nights inside so that while you're stoking the fire at home this fall and winter, you're also keeping the fire alive in your relationship.

1. Movie night

It's a classic date night inside activity because it's so great. Watching a movie together is a perfect excuse to put on some comfy clothes and snuggle up together.

Bonus tip: Pick a movie neither of you have seen to stimulate some conversation after since movie nights tend to be pretty silent dates.

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2. Play video/board/card games

A little healthy competition is good every now and then.

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3. Cook together

This is a date night in idea that you can't go wrong with, because everyone loves to eat. Find a recipe online that neither of you have had before and get to cooking. Then once the activity is done, you have a beautiful and delicious meal (hopefully) that you can enjoy together. This is a date that is both productive and fun!

Bonus tip: If you don't mind a little bit of mess, rub a little bit of one of the ingredients on your partner's face. A food fight will probably ensue which might end up being your favorite part of the night.

4. Slow dance to your favorite love songs

Dancing with your partner is such a good way to get close to them in a way that we usually don't on a daily basis. So put on some fancy clothes, dim the lights, and dance with each other to your favorite love songs. You might just feel happier and more in-love than ever.

5. Paint together

While it might sound boring at first, painting together can be a really fun date night in. A painting date night is so versatile; you can paint portraits of each other, make it into a competition or even follow a YouTube tutorial, and it tends to be relatively inexpensive. And because you're making something, you also get a cute memento of the night.

Bonus tip: To spice it up a bit, you can buy this painting kit which allows you to create an abstract painting while you and your partner are being intimate.

6. Start watching a new show

We all know that if you and your partner start watching a show together you are NOT allowed, under any circumstances, to watch a new episode without them there, so that makes this a good date night in idea because it sets up many other date nights. It's also cheap and doesn't require a lot of set up, which is nice after those long days at work/school. Just grab the remote, some snacks and drinks, and your partner, and get to watching!

7. Build a fort

This inside date night idea is not only fun, quick, and easy, but it's also the perfect date if you're feeling a little nostalgic. Grab some extra blankets/sheets from around the house, drape them over the furniture in your desired location, add some pillows and blankets under the fort for comfort, and you're set! Now you have a really cool fort to play games, watch movies, eat dinner, or just cuddle in.

Bonus tip: Add fairy lights or a Christmas light projector under the fort for an extra fun vibe and as a way to 'stargaze' on chilly nights.

8. Take a bath together

There's something so romantic about taking a warm bubble bath with your partner. Play some soft music, pour a bubbly drink, and just relax with each other. Intimacy doesn't always have to be sexual.

9. Trivia night

You're probably thinking 'trivia night, really?!' Yes, really. Trivia night can be a lot of fun, especially if you make up your own questions about yourself or your relationship to see just how well your partner has been paying attention. You can also add consequences if your partner doesn't get the right answer like whipped cream to the face, to take a shot, or to remove an article of clothing if you're feeling naughty. Trivia night can be really enjoyable, you just have to do it right!

Bonus tip: Use these printable quizzes that help you and your partner secretly plan the perfect date night for each other.

10. Stay up late just talking

Sometimes we get so caught up with ourselves and the world around us that we forget to take some time to just enjoy your partner. So, snuggle up on the couch with a glass of wine and some soft music and just talk to each other. You'll probably learn things about them you didn't know or forgot about and chances are, your relationship will be stronger than ever.

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