Why Fall Is The Best Season

10 Reasons Fall Is The Best Season

Don't lie to yourself: 365 days would not be the same without every season, but, fall is the season we all look forward to.


Disclaimer: The unimportant fact that I am a Scorpio and my birthday is in November has nothing to do with fall being the best season. Although I have only listed 10 reasons that fall is the most enjoyable, there is a multitude more and hopefully you agree!

1. Leaves changing 


As the leaves change colors, we have the privilege of stepping outside and seeing nature's artwork! There is only one time a year that we can jump into a pile of freshly fallen leaves and take pictures of the beautiful mosaic that the leaves create for us!

2. Comfort food


No one can deny that the for-the-soul food served during fall is the absolute best. Even if you don't have a sweet tooth for pumpkin pie and apple cider, casseroles and squash soup can turn any regular day into a good day.

3. Campfires


Sitting next to a campfire with marshmallows and visiting with friends and family is a great pastime after a long day. The fire and hot coals are mesmerizing and a great way to relieve stress. Not to mention, the combination of warmth from the fire and cold from the crisp autumn air create a perfect match.

4. Fall Activities


From carving pumpkins to apple picking, fall activities trump those of any other season. Especially when it comes to dressing up warm in your favorite mittens and boots.

5. Cuffing Season


It's cuffing season, boys and girls. From cold lip kisses to snuggling up under a blanket, cuffing season is in full swing, so ditch eating takeout by yourself and get ready for dinners by candlelight. Or, takeout with your SO--whatever works.

6. Halloween 


Halloween time is inarguably the best time. We all get to pretend we're someone or something else for one night a year and leave all of our worries behind. Spooky decorations and day-after hangovers, what could be better than that?

7. Thanksgiving


All controversies aside, Thanksgiving is a time for many to spend with family. Connecting with family and close friends is a very hard thing to do the older you get. Thanksgiving is a perfect time to pack up your bags and head to the place you call home.

8. Movies and Popcorn


Although you can watch a movie with popcorn any time of the year, it is much better during fall for the following reasons: One, remember cuffing season? That's a pretty good reason in my book. Two, when it's cold outside, snuggling under a blanket with popcorn is so comforting. (Pro tip: buy a heated blanket!) Three, the Halloween movie list is ongoing and perfect for any lazy night.

9. Sports Season


Even if you're not a big football kind of person, sitting down with a beer and some wings is such a fun time. Screaming at the television or laughing at someone who is screaming at the television is an even better time.

10. Two Words: Sweater. Weather.


Last but certainly not least, chunky sweaters are the best thing that fall can offer. From those football wings to that pumpkin pie, nothing is better than warming up in your favorite sweater. After all, we're all just getting ready for hibernation.

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