You're coming in HOT this semester.

Meaning... you are super motivated to get all A's and plant your feet in a new internship and a new part-time job. You're ready to get your shit together because it's a new year, it's a new you. Fall semester is the last place you want to decide on a serious relationship.

Fall semester is the time to meet new people, meet new friends. Another start to a year closer to graduation, you don't have time for games and heart ache. You don't want any of that. Sure the major holidays are coming up, like Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, where you think you need a boo-thang for to go to cute places and take cute pictures.


You got your girlfriends/bros! Go out with your friends for Halloween, screw the cute couple costumes (barf). Have a friends giving instead of going to *meet the parents* (double barf) and TREAT YO' SELF FOR CHRISTMAS! Don't waste your parent's money on gifts for a boo thang.

I'm telling you now, you need to get your grades into perfection once this semester is over.

Then you can have a little fun in the spring semester. Spring break?! Job fairs are going to be happening in the start of the semester, so get your ass in there and find yourself a part-time job. Make some new friends at work, meet even more people at work... and don't forget about finding a new internship! You're going to have so much on your plate, you can't give time to all these guys and girls running around trying to get in your pants. They don't deserve to waste your time on conversations you don't care about, playing mindful games to get under your skin just to see where you stand. You don't need any of that nonsense.

I'm all for love, don't get me wrong.

But come into the school year ready to achieve and succeed! It's amazing to come home to winter break to starting the new year to good grades. It might get lonely at times, but who said you needed a serious relationship. Maybe a little fall fling or whatever, but college is the last place you want a serious relationship in this day in age.

What do you think?