Fall In Love With Reading Again
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Fall In Love With Reading Again

6 Authors You Should Be Reading

Fall In Love With Reading Again

Ever have a book that makes you love reading all over again?

These are six of the most interesting, emotional, laugh out loud Authors that you need to be reading.

Here is the books that made me fall in love with reading all over again.

If I Stay Series by Gayle Forman

We all know the movie, "If I Stay", but have you experienced the amazing book? This book will make you see what the characters are seeing in their world. It will leave you wanting more after every sentence. As soon as you finish the first book, you will be dying to find out how everything pans out in Mia's chaotic life. "Where She Went", takes you on a journey through her hot and charming ex-boyfriend, Adam, and how all this is effecting him.

I Was Here by Gayle Forman

Buckle up, this book will take you on a joy ride you are not ready for yet. The emotional impact will throw you for a loop. Best Friends have secrets, too. Are you willing to take the plunge into a world, you did not expect to be real?

Just One Day Series by Gayle Forman

Falling in love in a foreign country, sign me up! This series is full of adventures, cultures, and romance. Destiny is a powerful occurrence. Allyson and Willem will take you on a magical friendship that leads to an amazing romance.

Sisters in Sanity by Gayle Forman

Watch how Brit's world suddenly turns upside down when she is enrolled in Red Rock. A treatment center that helps cure rebellious teenage girls. Everything is more bad than good until she makes four friends, who keep each other going through this nightmare.

Paper Towns by John Green

Another movie that has taken the world by storm and left us with a sense of adventure. Have you read the genius book that is responsible for this motion picture? No, well you are missing out on so many details. John Green, is the Author, who brought us the most interesting, laugh out loud, and adventurous moments that we have came to love. The book gives you more details of the awesome adventures of Q, Margo, and the rest of the gang.

Looking for Alaska by John Green

One girl has a major impact on everyone that comes into her life. Leaving a lasting impression and a ton of questions, Alaska is a mystery that everyone wants to solve to help her.

Always You by Kirsty Moseley

A friendship that lives on through all the dangers of high school and jealousy. Riley and Clay are inseparable, but one month apart throws Riley's emotions off balance. These two best friends will give you all the feels like you are apart of their friend circle.

Free Falling by Kirsty Moseley

Pick back up with your favorite characters from "Always You", 25 years later. Riley and Clay Preston are parents of twins, Maisie and Alex. A wreck less love and one that just wants a chance to grow more. Maisie is stuck between her sweet and mysterious boyfriend, Luke and the new dangerously charming guy, Zach, find out who wins her heart.

Autumn Falls Series by Bella Thorne

In "Autumn Falls", Autumn receives a magic diary shortly after have Dad's sudden passing. Sophomore year just got a lot more interesting and powerful. Powers are not always helpful. Follow Autumn's journey of her new school, friends, crush and enemy. The adventure continues, "Autumn's Kiss", into her Junior year, but problems get even more complicated. The magic from the diary has another way of making high school life interesting and confusing.

Gilda Joyce Ladies of The Lake by Jennifer Allison

Do you love mysteries that make your blood run cold? Join Gilda Joyce, Psychic Investigator, as she starts her Freshman year of high school. She never expected to find so many secrets at, Our Lady of Sorrows, an all girls school. Remember a ghost can make stuff go crazy in the middle of the day.

Stargirl Series by Jerry Spinelli

"Stargirl", is a book of normal is not always the only way to be in life.Leo Borlock and the student body at Mica High, gets a mega change of normal when Stargirl Caraway comes to public school. Go on a journey through the words of Leo and the mysteries that is Stargirl. Everything is not what it seems on the surface. If you get really into the world of Leo and Stargirl, experience the letters she writes about her life in "Love, Stargirl".

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