5 Fall Fashion Must-Haves Every Trendy Closet Needs
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5 Fall Fashion Must-Haves Every Trendy Closet Needs To Pumpkin Spice Up Your Wardrobe

Try these different styles and accessories to make your inner insta-influencer come out!

5 Fall Fashion Must-Haves Every Trendy Closet Needs To Pumpkin Spice Up Your Wardrobe

With fall weather approaching and my TikTok addiction getting progressively worse, here are some of my favorite fall staples + styles!

1. Corduroy Jackets


Corduroy jackets are one of my favorite fall staples. Burnt orange or brown ones make for the perfect fall color scheme while also adding some texture to the look.

Try adding a solid color shirt and a cabby hat with a pair of your favorite sneakers!

2. Layers


This one isn't so much a fashion item but it's a way to style your clothes. Layers create a put-together look with minimal effort. Think a white long-sleeved bodysuit with a black cami dress.

The look will keep you warm enough but it will also have you looking really cute. Try pairing it with a cute pair of combat boots!

3. Cabbie Hats


As for cabbie hats, they definitely aren't everyone's favorite piece. When I bought mine my family proceeded to roast me for the entire day. But these hats are really cute and I think they can tie a look together.

Try wearing it with a layered look or pairing it with flared jeans & funky earrings; this should be a fall staple for you this season.

4. Flared Jeans


Flared jeans are making a comeback and I'm not mad about it. Especially corduroy ones. These will really make your outfit stand out and look really fun while also being stylish.

Try: of course the cabbie hat, but also white hoops or daisy earrings, and white ankle boots!

5. Fun Earrings


Over the course of quarantine, I have found myself buying the most bizarre earring possible. And they've gotten progressively weirder.

From normal ones like white hoops, gold butterflies, and daisies to slightly odder ones — like ice cubes, marble angels, and gummy bears — but no matter how weird these earrings really made my outfits stand out.

Try pairing with a set of basics or any of the clothing mentioned above and mix and match! Make it fun (but definitely try the ice cubes — they go with everything).

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