Fall Drinks
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8 Fall Drinks You Didn't Know You Needed

Run, don't walk, to your closest coffee shops for a taste of fall.


Because not every person is excited about PSL season. Instead, others like apple cider, hot chocolate, and chai tea. So keep reading to find out the ones you didn't even realize you were missing.

1. Caramel apple (anything)

Although you can't find this yummy drink at every coffee shop, lucky for you, it isn't too hard to make yourself. Containing apple cider or apple juice, caramel sauce/flavor shot, and milk or foam, this drink will surely ignite those "apple picking" vibes. *PSA* Starbucks has a yummy version named the "Caramel Apple Spice" served hot.

2. PSL (obviously)

Because what would a fall drink list be without a pumpkin spice latte? Even if you aren't a huge pumpkin fan, it truly isn't fall until you've sipped one of these bad boys under a perfectly bare tree. Ah, the fall vibes are coming in hot, folks (just like that PSL you should have in your hand right now). And the good thing about this drink is that it comes in SO many forms. From K cups to coffee shop specialties, all the way to cookie beverage straws from Starbucks, you are sure to find one suited to your taste.

3. White chocolate mocha (with pumpkin spice)

Okay, so this always stagnant Starbucks (and every other local/chain coffee shop) menu item can sometimes get boring. While a yummy safe bet if in a pinch, a WCM needs to be upped every once in a while. When ordering, ask for half the pumps of WCM, and instead replace them with pumpkin spice flavoring (and whatever milk you prefer). It is a cup of fall nestled perfectly between your little hands.

4. Pumpkin chai tea 

Okay, so you might be sick of the pumpkin by now, but I can assure you, we're almost done. We all love chai tea (well some of us), but a super yummy and "fall-esc" alternative is a pumpkin chai tea latte. Ask for a hot or iced chai tea latte with a couple flavor shots of pumpkin and BAM, you've got a new favorite fall drink! If you're feeling frisky, try adding a shot of espresso, too.

5. Maple pecan latte

While specifically served at your local Starbucks, variations can be made at other coffee shops (with sometimes an even better outcome). This fall drink is perfect for all of you ladies and gentlemen who don't want an overwhelmingly sweet fall drink. This one can be served hot, iced, or frozen and is the perfect amount of coffee: sweetness. I love this when I am feeling like being adventurous, within limits.

6. Apple cider (in every form)

In my hometown, our fall festival is one of the major events held each year. We serve fall treats of all varieties, from apple dumplings, kettle corn, all the way to candy corn fudge, any fall fanatic would leave with their stomachs full of fall deliciousness. But what my favorite attraction of all is the apple cider. Apple cider is served piping hot, freezing cold, and even blended in slushy form. Lucky for me, my school's dining halls offer a cold apple cider option with every meal swipe, because who loves sour fruit in fermented form? That's right, all the college kids!

7. Cinnamon hot chocolate

This one is easy, for a couple of reasons. All you need to make this one at home is a hot chocolate base (k cup, powder, or from scratch with cocoa powder and sugar) and cinnamon flavoring in syrup form or powder form. If you're at Starbucks, order a grande hot chocolate with a shot of cinnamon dulce, you'll thank me later.

8. Honey sleepytime tea


While this one isn't your conventional fall drink option, it is nice to have some diversity and offer a break from the sweetness we see in so many fall drinks. For me, tea is a good relaxer and way to heal a sore throat, but for others, it is the perfect drink to set the mood for fall. Whatever warm tea provides you, I recommend trying this yummy tea, or really any Sleepytime tea (there is Harvest Pumpkin, Gingerbread, and Candy Cane Lane too).

Grab a couple pals and go try these fall favorites. All you need is a scarf, a pair of boots, and a pumpkin muffin to complete this fall checklist.

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